Osram LED lights help upgrade the garage lighting in Nuremberg, Germany

As part of the lighting upgrade pilot project, fluorescent lamps in a garage in Nuremberg, Germany, were replaced with smart LED fixtures. This replacement led lighting fixture is equipped with the OSRAM duris e3 led module, and also integrates the vehicle occupied track monitor to switch the lighting mode from the default basic lighting to the maximum output only when it is actually needed. Used in conjunction with energy-efficient LEDs, this feature saves 70% in power consumption.

According to Osram, these led lighting fixtures are designed for low ceiling and lighting applications such as garages or warehouses. Each lighting fixture has five modules, each equipped with 120 OSZ Opto Semiconductors' duris e 3 led. Produce high quality, energy efficient light.

Thanks to the intelligent control system, the lighting will only increase the brightness to the maximum output mode (35w) when the vehicle passes or there is pedestrian walking, while the other time will remain in the basic lighting output mode (15w), Make good use of resources.

Andreas vogler, product manager at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' German headquarters, said: "In the past, active lighting in two parking spaces required a typical system with a power consumption of 75W, but now only one 35w or 15w (basic lighting mode) led lighting fixtures."

  1, Well expanded: Flexible configuration, can expand the installation of customer demand for a variety of functional accessories;

2, High safety: Aluminum alloy + sheet metal structure, no sharp edges, wear resistant and anti-corrosive paint process, overall explosion-proof design design;

3, Stable performance: advanced design ideas, strict production process, stable and reliable product quality, low failure rate;

4, Simple installation: power a key switch, dispense with on-site installation and commissioning.

5, Supporting timing switch, realize the function of no-person on duty.

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