Inspur Huaguang 2011 provincial new energy industry development special project passed the acceptance

On April 10th, Weifang Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. hosted the 2011 Shandong New Energy Industry Development Special Project “Shandong Province Semiconductor Luminescent Materials and Device Engineering Laboratory Construction” undertaken by Shandong Inspur Huaguang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Project completion acceptance meeting.

Zhang Chaoshan, Assistant General Manager of Inspur Huaguang, reported on the project

Project acceptance meeting site

General Manager Zheng Tiemin explained to the experts of the acceptance committee

The acceptance meeting experts carefully listened to the project acceptance report made by the assistant general manager Zhang Chengshan, reviewed the acceptance materials and reviewed the project construction site. After questioning and discussion, the experts of the acceptance committee believed that Inspur Huaguang completed the construction task, reached the expected goal, and agreed to pass the acceptance.

The laboratory has focused on semiconductor lighting LED epitaxial material growth, chip fabrication technology and other research, and has achieved fruitful research results. Among them, the SiC substrate-based power LED chip packaged into a white light device luminous efficiency of 115lm / W; blue LED chip (1023 series) packaged into a white light device, tested by the National Semiconductor Device Supervision and Testing Center, the light efficiency reached 140lm / W or more; The luminous flux of the blue LED chip (0820 series) reaches 8.3lm or more; the 24mil red LED chip is tested by the National Semiconductor Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the luminous efficiency reaches 70lm/w or more, the power reaches 71mW or more, and the electro-optic conversion efficiency reaches 27% or more; The 40mil red LED chip has been tested by the National Semiconductor Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The light efficiency is above 53lm/W, the power is above 197mW, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency is over 22%.

During the construction of the laboratory, one provincial scientific and technological achievement appraisal was completed, the technology reached the international advanced level, and won the second prize of Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award. Completed more than 20 new product development and transformation of results, applied for 25 patents (including 24 invention patents), and published 4 papers.

“G20-LED Summit Member Enterprise” Inspur Huaguang's Shandong Semiconductor Luminous Materials and Devices Engineering Laboratory Construction Project passed the acceptance test, marking the company's R&D and innovation capabilities further improved, and built a domestic first-class semiconductor lighting LED epitaxial material. The chip development test line will drive the rapid development of the semiconductor lighting industry in Shandong Province.

(This article is submitted by Inspur Huaguang)

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