LED industry growth pain

In a lighting company located in Beijing's South Third Ring Road, when a reporter asked whether a store owner had LED lighting sales, the owner of the last name was quite proud to announce that "the store only sells LED lamps." According to Mr. Wang’s introduction, his

Steady-state ABSK signal demodulation mode

0 Preface With the rapid development of wireless communication services, the radio spectrum in the air is becoming more and more crowded, and the utilization of wireless spectrum is receiving more and more attention. Classical binary offset keying, spectrum utilization is ver

Talking about the precautions for the use of pressure s…

The main points during the use of the pressure sensor and the correct installation position of the transmitter on the process pipeline are related to the measured medium. For the best measurement results, the following conditions should be considered: 1. Prevent the transmitter from contacting wi

Guangdong Science and Technology Department corruption …

According to the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection on February 14, Wang Kezhen, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, was suspected of serious violation of discipline and was being investigated. This is another departmental officia

High equipment investment "no package chip" i…

In recent years, unpackaged chips have been fired in the industry. Most of the unpackaged chips currently use Flip-Chip and flip-chip packages, but it cannot be understood that our conventional packaged chips cannot be fabricated. The main consideration is the price/performance ratio. Dr. Chen Hai

Design scheme of remote monitoring system based on Qt

1. Overall design of the plan 1.1 Design main module The remote video surveillance system is a software system and a hardware system. The software system includes a human-computer interaction interface developed by the software Qt on the Windows system, a third-party OpenCV

LED power consumption is 1/10 of ordinary light bulb

The LED is a semiconductor chip that emits light by electrons and has a conversion efficiency of 68%. In contrast, the illumination of an ordinary light bulb is converted from thermal energy into thermal energy and converted into light energy, with a conversion efficiency of only 12%