Lynx Box 1S Plus (TMB2200RA) Firmware Download & Br…

The first version of the stone ROM-adapted Lynx Box 1S enhanced version (TMB2200RA) has finally been released. It only supports HDMI output. After switching to this ROM, the TV using the AV interface will have no signal, and users of the old TV should not try it. The first

Competing for the global color TV market, Skyworth star…

OLED TV panel yields will increase color TV will fully enter the OLED era It is understood that in the past due to factors such as insufficient supply of panels and high prices, the OLED TV market has not been rapidly popularized. In August this year ushered in a new turnar

OTT TV users increasingly use mobile internet

Sofa Network At IBC 2015, SPBTV released the 2015 OTT trend report. The relevant data show that more and more OTTTV users are turning to the mobile Internet for information and entertainment. Among them, 71% of the respondents visit the mobile Internet every day, 66% of re

Infrared control intelligent socket design

"The last thing to do is to clean the doors and windows, turn off all power, and pay attention to safety!" I believe that you will be familiar with it. Nowadays, the sockets on the market are basically non-intelligent. When the electrical appliances are connected to

Two big news about Alipay

Ma Yun and his Alipay have always been great news materials. Sometimes when you suffer from the topic of the day, you can often get inspiration from there. To be precise, there are two news about Alipay that are interesting and far-reaching. The first is that Marriott International Group,

Mulinsen competes with the most cost-effective LED lamp…

[Text / high-tech LED Yue Mengdi] Since the beginning of this year, the price of LED T8 lamps has been constantly fought, Ou Pu Lighting, Foshan Lighting, NVC Lighting, Huaqiang and even Philips, Osram, etc., have successively joined the price of LED T8 lamps to fight the battle. In order to reduce

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S+ boot experience

Before Xiaobian wrote an article about Baidu Shadow Stick 2S+ out of the box appreciation, take everyone to understand its hardware configuration, its appearance and accessories, so today Xiaobian take everyone to see how the boot experience of Baidu shadow stick 2S+? Baidu