Bedside lamp selection

Bedside lamp selection The family bedroom is a place for casual rest, so the layout of the bedroom is the most important part of the decoration and it is worthwhile to decorate it. Having the right lighting will make the bedroom look warmer, especially the bedside lamp, which will reflect the taste of the bedroom owner. Today, we will teach you how to choose a bedside lamp.

If you use it for reading, it is best to choose a lamp that can adjust the brightness. Even reading in bed will not affect the rest of the rest. Try to choose a table lamp with a soft lamp shade. Although the table lamp of a glass lamp shade looks good, the light is dazzling, and it is not good for reading or for rest afterwards. It is best to choose shades that can soften the light, such as frosted glass. The lamp is higher than the pillow and is more suitable for reading and protecting the eyes.

If it is used for decoration, it is recommended to choose a cool color, such as light blue, it will look very dreamy, compared with your bedroom and furniture, it will not appear too monotonous, elegant, plain, not recommended with too gorgeous s color,

In the end, we must pay attention to quality, choose a product that is 3C-quality, and have the greatest guarantee for safety.

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