The LED industry faces a risk of shuffling and increasing revenues.

After experiencing a downturn in the overcapacity market from 2011 to 2012, the domestic LED market ushered in an inflection point in 2013, and the industry is showing signs of recovery.

Take LED as an example of Guangdong. According to statistics, the total output value of LED industry in Guangdong in 2013 was 281.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30%. Among them, Shenzhen LED output value exceeded 100 billion mark for the first time, ranking first in Guangdong Province.

"On the one hand, technological progress has led to lower prices of LED lighting products, which has led to higher market acceptance; on the other hand, public lighting has begun to promote, indoor lighting market has gradually opened up, and backlight demand has increased, prompting market demand to rise," industry insiders said.

The data shows that the output value of Guangdong LED in 2009 was only 39 billion yuan, which was 7 times in 4 years. In 2013, Guangdong's LED output value reached 281.1 billion yuan, an increase of 29.52% over the previous year. Among the eight strategic emerging industries in the province, the output value ranked second, with the fastest growth rate.

From the perspective of market segments, LED lighting fixtures, accessory materials and packaging devices accounted for the top three, accounting for 19.76%, 19.33% and 15.07% respectively. It is worth noting that the LED chip epitaxial wafer is still a weak item in Guangdong, with an output value of only 1.159 billion yuan.

The recovery of the LED market is largely due to the advancement and landing of the public lighting renovation project. Last year, Guangdong Province tendered a total of 991,300 LED street lights and tunnel lights, including a total of 808,600 baht in the nine cities of the Pearl River Delta, accounting for 81.57% of the province's tenders.

In addition to the LED market outside Guangdong, Guangdong enterprises also have obvious advantages. "Last year, the National Development and Reform Commission's 1 billion yuan project bidding and Shanxi Province's 2 billion yuan project bidding, Guangdong enterprises won the bid of up to 80%." Industry said.

According to statistics, there are 25 listed LED companies in Guangdong, and the total market value has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

In addition, Guangdong LED industry leader is also reflected in patent applications. As of the fourth quarter of last year, the province's LED-related patent applications totaled 5,061, accounting for 26.63% of the total number of LED patent applications nationwide.

In terms of exports, Guangdong exported LED products related to a total of 68.804 billion yuan, and the trend is increasing quarter by quarter, of which the fourth quarter exports of 21.81 billion yuan, accounting for 31.7% of the total. The main export destinations are still Asia, North America and Europe. In this regard, the aforementioned sources said that in the case of increasing LED entry barriers in Europe and the United States, the growth of Guangdong LED's main export products indicates that its product quality is improving.

According to reports, Guangdong indoor lighting renovation will be fully rolled out this year, and adopt contract energy management mode, taking the lead in promoting the public indoor lighting field in the Pearl River Delta region.

However, many industry insiders said in an interview with reporters that the LED market continues to be good and can not only hope for public works, the civilian market is the real new force in the future.

This trend is emerging. According to research, LED lighting in the Shenzhen home improvement market has increased its share of the entire lighting market to 30%. An industry insider who does not want to be named said that in the future, market competition will become more intense, and reshuffle will be inevitable. Many embarrassing situations in which LED companies will not increase profits will continue.

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