Second and third-tier cities into the LED display market

Second and third-tier cities into the LED display market
At present, the installation of LED display screens will mainly develop in the second and third tier cities, and the second and third tier cities will become the main growth drivers for LED displays.
It is understood that LED display is mainly divided into raw materials, technology, installation of three, in addition to raw materials, technology and installation also accounted for 30% of the cost. At present, the main raw material chips, their technology has been greatly improved, can be applied to the mid-market. Instead, more work needs to be done in the process and installation. The process is an important link, including design and technology. If the process is not good, LED display equipment will have many problems after the first half of the year. Therefore, the key link of the current LED display is installation, and the key to installation is the degree of welding.
Because of the first-tier cities in China, although there are many LED displays installed, the market is not yet saturated, and the second-class cities and the third-class cities are still only preliminary penetration. Therefore, the market space for domestic LED display screens is still large in the future. In the future, with the introduction of industry standards and the attention of companies to product quality, there will be more high-quality, high-definition LED displays on the market, gradually replacing the existing products for sale and installed. Therefore, The future of high-end LED displays will be beautiful.
The display is connected by several million, tens of millions of lamps, and it is very difficult to ensure 100% precision. Welding requires a group of professional installation personnel to ensure its flatness and tightness. It is understood that at present there are no enterprises that have installed LED display installation qualification certificates. One of the reasons for this is that it is very difficult to apply for qualifications and involves certifications such as safety and security.
From this analysis, it can be seen that the market development in the second and third tier cities is the main direction of LED products. Due to the impact of the European economic crisis in 2012, the growth of LED full-color displays did not achieve the expected results. In 2014, the modernization proposals for cities and towns became the main targets for this year. Growth power.

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