High voltage chip: the mainstream trend of LED chip market in the future

The technological innovations of high-voltage chips are mainly trenches, insulating layers, and interconnecting wires between chips. This allows the chip product to ensure that the required drive current is much lower than the low voltage chip at the same output power. At the same time, the AC-DC conversion efficiency loss can be greatly reduced, which can bring about an effective reduction in the cost and weight of the LED lighting fixture. The more important significance of this technological innovation is that the design requirements for the heat dissipation system are greatly reduced. The main function of the high voltage chip is to reduce the cost of the application end.
Both high-voltage chips and low-voltage chips have their own market demand. High-voltage chips may be a market trend in the future, but the technology of high-voltage chips is still in the process of upgrading. There is still a way to go before the low-voltage chips dominate the market. The high-voltage chip products on the market are basically in the stage of small-scale mass production. High-voltage chips have two distinct competitive advantages over low-voltage chips:
First, the high-voltage chip is connected in series at the chip end, and the reliability is better guaranteed. For the package, the process of partially fixing the crystal and the wire is saved, and the cost of the gold wire is saved. At the same time, the method of resisting and reducing the voltage can be adopted, the power supply scheme can be optimized, and the power supply cost is reduced. Systematic material savings and cost savings for the entire luminaire.
Second, the high voltage chip can significantly reduce the loss of AC-DC conversion efficiency. Taking 10W output power as an example, if a 1W high-voltage chip with a forward voltage drop of 50V is used, the output can be configured in 2 and 4 strings, and the forward voltage drop of 4 series LEDs is 200V, that is, only from the city. The electric 220V alternating current (AC) can be bridged and rectified by 20V. But if we use a 1W low-voltage LED with a forward voltage drop of 3V, even 10 strings with a forward voltage drop is only 30V, which means that it needs to be stepped down from 220VAC to 30VDC. We know that the lower the input and output voltage difference, the higher the conversion efficiency of AC to DC. It can be seen that if high voltage LED is used, the efficiency of the transformer can be greatly improved, which can greatly reduce the power loss during AC-DC conversion. A reduced heat consumption can further reduce the cost of the heat sink. It can be seen that the high-voltage chip can bring about an effective reduction in the cost and weight of the LED lighting fixture, but its more important significance is to greatly reduce the design requirements for the heat dissipation system, thereby effectively clearing the maximum entry of the LED lighting fixture into the indoor lighting market. Technical barriers. High-voltage chips are a low-cost, high-efficiency solution for lighting fixtures.
The future development of high-voltage chips is expected. First, as the demand for LED high-power lighting continues to grow, the penetration rate of LED lighting will gradually increase. Secondly, the market for incandescent, fluorescent and energy-saving lamps is basically GE, Philips and OSRAM. A few other suppliers have different monopoly. The LED lighting lamps produced by these well-known lighting suppliers account for only about 10% of the total lighting market. Therefore, the LED lighting market is not a single or multiple oligarchs, for LED chips. Vendors, everyone has equal opportunities, can play their respective advantages, the technical advantages of high-voltage chips themselves will achieve its market advantage, we are optimistic about the future development trend of high-voltage chips.
At present, from the perspective of the chip market, large LED chip companies have the advantages of wide product range, large output, and strong supply capability in the market competition, so they have sufficient strength to cope with market risks. Smaller companies, with fewer varieties, lower yields, and lower prices, will lose their overall sales, and eventually they may be squeezed out of the market by competitors. In the face of a rapid decline in product prices, to reduce production costs, it is necessary to rapidly expand production scale to increase mass production capacity. Expansion can not only reduce product costs, but also use the advantages of scale to squeeze out the market share of competitors.
In the development of the LED industry in 2014, it should be said that the overall improvement is good, and at the same time, it will face more opportunities and challenges. Driven by the lighting market, chip manufacturers are expected to operate at high rates, but during this period, the business strategy of LED companies Particularly important. Combining environmental advantages, making a special brand, expanding the market, and achieving scale effect are effective ways for LED chip companies to cope with market risks in the future.

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