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With the advent of the digital age, the cost of photography has become even lower, and the threshold for learning photography has also been lowered. This is even more true with Sony microsports. With the support of WYSIWYG, even if you do not have professional photography training, you can enjoy fun photography. So as long as you are interested, everyone can shoot a large number of photos and build a wall of time for their children.

I think for each child, the parents are the best photographers. Because no one else can shoot more than a parent and take it seriously. So if you really want to leave your child with the best video recordings, please study photography carefully. Even for me who is a professional child photographer, those most proud photos are definitely my two sons, not any other customers. The two children in the picture are my love. When Erbao was born more than three months ago, he took him to the sun in the residential area, and Dabao was accompanied by his brother. This simple picture, simple scene, for me, has a special touch. I think for every parent, their children are the most valuable assets.

The so-called deafness, under my influence, Dabao still became a second-generation photographer, playing a camera with the same kind. Every time you take him out, you must rush my camera, so I just prepared him a dedicated camera of his own. Haha, using the A6300+E16 70 F4 ZA as my son's exclusive camera is not a bit extravagant.

Of course, there are two small baby can not let go, although you do not have their own exclusive camera, but you have exclusive photography package Oh. How is it that the camera bag is lying comfortable?

Dabao traveled to Sanya for the first time when he was a year old. Every day at home, the mother around her child was released and she laughed. The big treasure is even more happy and kept screaming, the sea, the sea, the black-bone chicken (aircraft), and the black-bone chicken (aircraft).

My wife and I have always had a consensus that no matter where we travel, we must bring our children again and again. The world is so big, so beautiful, we all hope to take you to see and enjoy a carefree childhood. This photo was taken while traveling in Lijiang, Yunnan. At that time, the son must bring his mother's hat and both hands to wave. I was a butterfly and ran on the ancient city trail in Lijiang.

After Erbao was born, I always wanted to take a family photo. On the full moon this day, I came to the studio and asked my colleagues to help me capture a bit of nature. It wasn't a picture so deliberately, so I had this family portrait. Dabao is curious to see the world through the Sony 90 micro lens, and I'm afraid he accidentally slid and slapped my beloved shot. His wife is lifting clothes and ready to breastfeed. Erbao is unable to wait for a long mouth, the little guy is estimated to be hungry. Ah, it is such a simple and ordinary daily scene that we can feel the warmth of the face.

As I said earlier, I am a child photographer. Therefore, when photographing customers, it is inevitable that there will be some routines in order to produce films. Such as this photo of throwing the child to the sky. The ideal state is that the child is flying high in the sky, but few customers can have such courage. What's more, it's a mother with little energy. It doesn't matter. I have the perfect anti-glare FE50 1.4ZA, and there are hot moms with flying skirts.

Compared to my mischievous son, quiet girls are easier to direct and shooting is easier. In the studio, beside the window, a small boat was placed, a chair was placed on top of the boat, and a large pile of cotton was used to decorate the boat and chair to let the girl lie down. The flash is at the top right, counteracting the strong shadow caused by the single side light outside the window. A tripod holds the camera and takes a background material for later synthesis. A beautiful floating photograph was taken. Or routine.

If there is anything that can instantly make a child into a crazy high state, it must be water. Like playing water seems to be the nature of every child. So if you want to capture the most dynamic moment, then take your child to the beach to play it and release her vitality.

For many photographic whites, it may still remain in the camera's little green file. Of course, it is very convenient to take a picture in a small green file, but all the exposure parameters are given to the camera, making it difficult to make progress. So if you want to master the skill of shooting baby.

I want to start with at least A. Because only you have mastered the A file, you can know what is the aperture, what is the depth of field, it is considered to have a preliminary understanding of photography.

The most important feature of shooting a baby is that it is very difficult for the child to splash life. It is difficult to shoot like an adult and shoot with a lower shutter speed. Under normal circumstances, the camera A shutter speed judgment mode is to provide the lowest safe shutter speed under the premise of ensuring the minimum ISO. This is why one of the reasons why photographs can easily be battered when there is insufficient light. The shutter speed is too low to freeze the dynamic moment of the child. In order to solve this problem, Sony micro-singlely gives the ISO minimum speed setting, which determines the minimum shutter speed by itself. And I set the minimum shutter speed to 1/250 second. So why is it 1/250 second? Not 1/125s, or anything else. The main reason is: Under 1/250s, most of the children's normal movement speed can be well solidified, which means that the shooting is clear. Of course, if the children run, or other high-speed exercise, 1/250s is not enough. So is the lower shutter speed setting higher, is it better, such as 1/500s, or 1/1000s? The higher the better. This is not the case. Too high a shutter speed makes it easy for ISO to break through the sky and the picture quality becomes very poor. Therefore, relatively comprehensive, 1/250s is a more reasonable choice, in most cases can maintain a good ability to freeze the moment, but will not let the ISO go too high. So if you use a lower shutter speed, such as 1/125s, is it easier to make the screen cleaner? It is not impossible, but the 1/125s shutter speed is a bit slower for the child, unless quietly stay, otherwise it will not be enough to move a little. Another choice 1/250s, there is a deep meaning, that is, the maximum speed of Sony micro single flash sync is 1/250s, with the use of flash, without the need to change the minimum shutter speed.

Exposure compensation. Although the camera has a metering mode, exposure lock and other methods to make the exposure more accurate, but I recommend the use of exposure compensation. Because of the Sony WYSIWYG support, the cost of exposure compensation is much lower than the metering mode and exposure lockout. No matter what the ratio of the shooting scene is, black and white is reduced, making everything too simple.

The choice of Sony's micro-single focus area is very large, wide area, center, area, free focus, center, expansion free point, etc., but in the daily shooting baby, I only recommend the wide area (center) and free focus two This is why the wide area and the center have to be put together because this is a very convenient switch and can be used with the same functions. In fact, more than 90% of the film shots are made using wide-area and center-centric shots.

Since the subjects I shoot are basically based on children, the basic focus of the eye-based control, and then supplemented by the center point of the composition of the translation method is sufficient to meet my shooting needs. And in the shooting process, there is no need to frequently change the focus mode, and only two custom shortcut keys are needed to satisfy the demand. In order to achieve this goal, we need to do some custom settings. Due to the features of WYSIWYG, the AEL exposure lock function is no longer useful, and the position of this key is especially suitable for the operation of the thumb focus and index finger shutter. It is absolutely the most convenient operation mode on the Sony micro single, so the AEL key will be Replaced with a more practical black technology: eye focus (eye control AF, Sony's Chinese translation is really misleading. Many people mistakenly believe that eye control AF, is the eye control focus, eyes look like. In fact, it is not so Things should be translated into eye focus, which is the camera's ability to focus directly on the eye.) The center key is set to focus on the center point, which is the so-called standard. This standard is particularly interesting. When the focus area is a wide area, it is the center focus. When the focus area is a free focus point, you can select the focus point by one click.

The AEL key performs eye focus, and the center key achieves center focus. For many users who have been accustomed to focus and shutter separation, this is easy to use. However, some users who were accustomed to half-pressing the shutter focus will need time to adapt to this new operating habit. As for the benefits? Focusing on the eye is definitely Sony's most practical black technology.

Focus on the eye, an addictive black technology that people use. When operating, remember to keep face recognition turned on for eye focus. Sony A7 has already provided the eye-control focusing function, the camera will automatically recognize the position of the human eye to focus, thereby eliminating the tedious operation of the selected focus, concentrate on shooting. However, the A7 only supports single focus, and it can only be used when shooting. However, after the A7R2 model is even more powerful, support for continuous focus mode, and instantly improve the availability of eye focus, become a shooting baby, especially the main focus of the big head means.

This picture is a snapshot of a little girl pulling her mother's hand and spoiling her eyes as the child looks up at the camera. Everyone can see, press the thumb and hold the AEL button, the camera can focus firmly on the focus, waiting for me to find the time to press the shutter.

Maybe someone has to ask, the photos you give are all taken by a single person. What do you do when many people are in the same frame? What if the eye's focus is on the passerby's eyes? It does not matter, Sony micro-single also has a solution: face registration. You can register the face of your priority shot in advance so that no matter how many individuals appear on the screen at the same time, the target you are looking for will be preferentially searched for eye focus. With the support of the face registration function, no matter how many people appear in the lens, the eyes of the A7R2 are only you.

The color quality of face registration is also very simple. Enter the menu to select face registration and shoot the face. A total of 8 faces can be registered, and the priority of the face can also be set.

Although the late days of the digital era are very common, after all, not everyone will post-production. So the setting of JPG straight out is particularly important at this time. Sony's micro-single standard color style is relatively flat, and the original film is a little grayish, which is the so-called i-digital gray. In fact, this can be changed through standard style settings. So the colorful vivid mode is a good choice, and if you feel that the vivid mode is not beautiful enough, you can adjust the saturation, contrast, and sharpness according to your preferences. Since I like rich colors here, I choose, saturate, contrast, and clear, add one each.

Everyone likes the tenderness and elasticity of the skin. However, the digital camera's default white balance setting is always unsatisfactory. Because Sony's camera white balance algorithm is relatively pursuing the restoration of true colors. How to do it? What I want is not real engraving of real life, but sublimation. White balance adjustment can achieve your desire, do not shift to a blue and pink wind, you can make your skin become more pink. Of course, the specific values ​​vary from person to person because each child's skin color is different. Some black, some white. Therefore, it is best to adjust according to the actual condition of your child's skin tone.

One of the most talked-about performances in the film era is the very wide dynamic range that can keep highlights and shadow details to a large extent. After entering the era of digital cameras, most of them rely on the dynamic range of later retrieval of photos. The Sony Dynamics DRO dynamic range optimization settings, is also the same reason. Maximize the use of camera performance and automatically increase the dynamic range through algorithms. During the actual operation, this kind of DRO treatment is very natural, and it is not as heavy as HDR. The dynamic range of the DRO is optimized to take a very good level of detail and to ensure maximum detail of highlights and shadows, but without distorting the photos.

According to the above three settings straight out of the sample. Photographed under reverse metering. These three settings are very good for the photos, rich colors, and a very good interpretation of the scene of the sun shining on the baby's skin, refracted a little pale gold. The more difficult part is that the sunlit part is not overexposed and the details of the shadow are fully reflected. And this is the charm of Sony's three JPG straight out settings!

Photography is the art of light and shadow. Everyone knows this. But how to apply light? How to find light? How to arrange light? This is a bit difficult.

On rainy days, there is a huge window in the coffee shop, and the little girl who concentrates on drinking juice. This should be the most common way to use photography.

Birthday party, play tired children. Montreal confetti is the residue of the magician's performance. Compared to smooth light, side light can make the child's facial features more three-dimensional.

Backlighting. Shoot directly at the light source. One of the three hardest ways to use light. Because of the large backlighting time, it is easy to produce glare. When this picture was taken, the front of the lens was completely wet with seawater. The sun shines on the sea, forming a huge mirror light. Then stay in the sea in front of the lens, so that this backlight produces strange glare, like Miyazaki's comics.

How to deal with black light? Or the indoor light is too weak and too complicated to be photographed?

No matter, we still have artificial light: flash. However, many people use the flash when shooting is not good, this is because there is a problem in the use of flash. The two most important principles are: 1. Be sure to leave the aircraft and flash it. The top flash is the most ugly flash usage. The flash is on the way and like white paper, there is no stereoscopic effect. So be sure to leave the machine to flash, even if the flash is moving a little bit from your top position, it will make the light more texture. 2, fully consider the ambient light. Artificial light and natural light complement each other. Taking full account of the impact of the flash on natural light, the output power of the output flash should not be too large or too small. Make the flash fully integrated into the environment. For example, although this picture uses a flash, it still allows the ISO to open up to 3200. This is to lighten the ambient exposure and use the flash's minimum output power just enough to outline the child's facial contours.

Not every moment is worth recording, I think the biggest difference between professional and Xiaobai is here. Some time ago, the circle of friends was popular every day and insisted on 365 days of photography. In fact, in my opinion, it is not worth recommending. In order to shoot purely for the sake of photography, it does not effectively enhance your aesthetic of photography. At best, it only enhances the proficiency of your camera. Because, not every moment is worth recording. Professional photographers are good at discovering beauty and seeking beauty. Even if they don’t have a camera in their hands, they often feel emotions. At this moment, this scene should be a good photo. White also holds the camera. Shutters don't cost money, it doesn't matter.

Hands without mirror, heart mirror. The mirror here is worth a shot. Professional photographers maintain a photographic state all the time, watching the world with a lens-like eye, discovering beauty, or creating beauty. So even if there is no camera in the hand, we will carefully observe our world. Will it be a sentimental emotion? At this time, with this focal point, you should be able to take a good picture. Do not blindly shoot, be good at observing, and then decide. This is the self-cultivation of the actual shooting of the baby.

Leaving yourself out of the picture, silently observing everything of the child from God's perspective. Do not disturb, is the photographer's gentle. It is usually said snap. With this shooting positioning, do not interfere with children. Especially those "baby, smiled at his father." "Baby, look here." "Baby, stand still." These are taboos from the perspective of the observer. Because of the observer, the pursuit is pure and natural. What the photographer needs to do is try to be a transparent person, disappear in the children's world, make certain observations, keep running, and snap quickly and decisively.

Take a chestnut, his son playing in the mud when he was playing with the little water on the edge of the beach. The distant sunset falls, and the water reflects beautiful gold. I think this will be a big movie, so don't bother. Let the children roll out in the pit and play happily. It turns out that this is really a group of great films. Of course, even if I wasn't taking photos, I wouldn't stop him from rolling in the mud pit. Because the clothes are dirty, just change them. The most important thing is to support children's playfulness.

To give another example, this group of photos is my son entertaining himself in front of a mirror and dancing. I think it will be a very interesting picture, so quietly hide in the side, 啪啪啪 啪啪啪 抓 。 continuous capture a lot of photos. Later, according to the action, a little narration was added to make up this little story.

Many people like to force a child to laugh when they are filming. In fact, sometimes photographing does not necessarily make them laugh. Crying is also a good choice. After all, the children's childhood growth not only has laughter but also tears.

When choosing a few children to cry, does it feel interesting? Still think that this cockroach is too cruel, the children are crying like that, you are still busy taking pictures.

If the previous observers are emphasizing not disturbing, it is my gentle words. So the positioning of this role is just the opposite. Let the photographer participate in the child's interaction, look for presence, or guide the child to get the picture you want.

Sony A6000+E16 50 cookie head, lightweight weight, so that self-timer without technical difficulty.

Or it is self-timed family portrait by APP remote control camera.

In short, the participant's role is to participate in the camera approach and interact with children.

Sometimes as observers, it is not always possible to encounter good images. Especially when shooting a movie, you cannot place your bets on luck. Do not bother, the most innocent snap is good. However, sometimes it is impossible to see a good-looking picture, so it is impossible to stop it. So this time you need to play the talent of the director, which is the so-called routine.

The sun's heirs had once passed through the screen, so many mothers appeared in the customer and strongly demanded that the sun be photographed. Therefore, camouflage clothing, leather shoes, sunglasses, these props are essential. Then the location of the site chose the military expedition, a variety of aircraft tanks. Check in beforehand to find this seat. Let the children run from under the plane. So there is this picture, the child's mother is very satisfied.

Unlike observers, or participants. As a director, we must co-ordinate the overall situation and rationally arrange every element of the picture. What kind of props, what occasions, where does the child want to grow, and what direction to face?

The position of the tent and basket, and the place where the child stands, are left and right, so that the picture will appear balanced. Let the children face the distance, look slightly sideways, the world seems to become quiet. The most important thing is that when the wind comes and waits for the breeze to lick over the skirt, it's the time to press the shutter.

Sometimes the pursuit is not even a photo, but a completely different world is presented through the separate shooting of scenes and characters. This photo was taken using the FE90 macro footage of the car footage, and the A6300+FE16 70 was used to take character footage. The two photographs were merged together.

Or is it a self setting, using a bed sheet and some simple rags to build a fairy tale world. Then put the sleeping child in it and arbitrarily shape it.

Frankly speaking, there is no equipment that cannot shoot baby. A7R2+FE24-70mm F2.8 GM+FE85mm F1.4 GM, the strongest flagship micro single + zoom + fixed focus combination. A7R2 as Sony's most powerful full-frame flagship, Niubi's degree from Needless to say. And 2470 as a standard zoom, you can just cover my most commonly used shooting focal length, whether it is studio shooting, travel photography, environmental portraits, or portrait close-up, can successfully complete the task. And the zoom is convenient for composition, switching perspectives, but the biggest drawback of such a panacea lens is insufficient virtual power. So also need FE85 1.4GM in the coke with a large aperture lens, shooting some photos of sugar water.

The 2470 has very strong applicability in the studio. There are almost no subjects that cannot be photographed. In addition, the parameters of this photo are also very important, almost the standard parameters of studio shooting, shutter 1/125s, aperture F8, ISO100. The rest relies on adjusting the position and output power of the flash to control the photo to the right exposure.

Or is it an environmental portrait.

Even with close-up portraits, 2470 is almost omnipotent. Only the lack of knife sharpening milk.

Portrait of the Queen of the mirror mirror, sharp knife milk, even if it is a full-body portrait i can get a great blur effect.

There is also a charming dream spot.

4D-focusing APS-C format A6300, plus a scalar 1670, 28 fixed focus, and 55 focus. All of them are lightweight lenses, which, except for the fact that they are not full-frame, are almost unfavorable.

The biggest feature of this combination is fast. The subject of sports capture is almost unfavorable.

Longitudinal motion capture. This basically belongs to the shooting situation with the highest difficulty in the field of shooting. According to the actual shooting case, we can see that the focus is accurate except for the photo in the lower left corner that cannot be precisely focused. This success rate is about 87.5%. Taking the case of 8 shots per second as an example, you can get 7 precise photos in one second. How is it, or is it perverted? Well, the A6300 is so perverted! In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Sony Micro Single TMA6300 is capable of real-time continuous monitoring when setting the continuous shooting speed below 8 frames per second. This means that the picture you are watching will not be delayed, but it will be smooth, like a video player.

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