Hexin technology multi-robot system control scheme

Multi-robot collaborative control scheme. This kind of application can be widely applied to the automatic production line that requires multi-robot coordination and single-host centralized control. The robot cooperation scheme of the company has been successfully applied in the electronics industry and sheet metal processing bending system.

The Hexin technology multi-robot collaborative control scheme, which is dominated by the C37 motion controller in the Co-MoTIon system, uses the Cortex A8 1Ghz main frequency chip, which has fast calculation speed, supports CNC functions and various robot algorithms. The controller uses EtherCAT bus communication mode to match the new absolute value H1A servo driver of the company, and cooperates with the newly released EtherCAT remote IO module, and interacts with the external signal of the device through the expansion module to form a complete robot control system. On this basis, the external axis can be extended through the EtherCAT bus, so this solution can be widely applied to the control needs of robotic pipelines.

Hexin technology multi-robot system control scheme

Open Frame For Infrared Touch Monitor

GreenTouch's LCD open frame for infrared Touch Monitor is a touch solution developed for automated information systems, gaming and entertainment, as well as light industrial automation controls,making GreenTouch's touch monitor product line even more complete.The touch monitor display is based on the concept "Design for simple and convenience", with proven GreenTouch expertise and reliability.GreenTouch's open frame touch monitor delivers an perfect solution that is cost-effective for worldwide customers requiring a reliable product .Designed with reliability from the start, GreenTouch's open frames deliver outstanding image clarity and light transmission with stable, drift-free operation for accurate touch responses.

* Display Type: Active Matrix TFT LCD, LED Backlight

* Touch Type:Infrared ,10 Points Touch


* Touch Systems:Windows,Android,Linux

* Certificates:UL,FCC,CE,CB,HDMI

* Warranty:1 Year

* Customized:Support

 Dust-Proof Industrial Touch Monitor

Waterproof Industrial Touch Monitor

Anti-Interference Touch Monitor

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