A seemingly fragile robot, it can display "water drift"

[Abstract] Its body consists of a helium balloon and a pair of super-fine legs that make it light and light. Coupled with the levitation force of the helium balloon, this cargo will never fall.

The black robot, which is weak and unstoppable, broke all of our impressions of robots.

In our impression,

The impression of robots has always been,

The mechanical sense is full, burly and powerful.

The bad news can destroy the earth. . .

Goose, a team from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), developed a balloon robot that could never "fall" - BALLU.

Never drop a balloon robot


(BALLU full name: Buoyancy Assisted Lightweight Legged Unit means buoyancy legs robot)

True, its body is made up of a helium balloon and connected with a pair of super-fine legs, making it light and light, plus the levitation force of the helium balloon, so the goods will never fall. . .

In addition to not falling, because BALLU's knee is equipped with a mini-cable drive device, and its foot has more communication and power components, even if it does not fall, it can also be carried out Go ahead, step back, go up and down the stairs, turn around, and other difficult moves. Let's take a look. . .

Not only won't you fall but you can run and jump

It can also easily go upstairs

Always feel swaying feet ~

It's quite a bit of dancing

The taste of Mike Jackson

The most powerful

This jump from the three floors up and down

The key is that the floor pose is very awkward and also comes with a brake

It can even be staged

Only in the martial arts novels can be seen

Light work "water drift"

Then the question arises. Why did you develop a robot that looks so "weak"?

As we all know, in general, those robots that can bear heavy loads and can be used to transport goods can always have complex and high-risk areas that they can not deal with, such as jumping from a high altitude just described. . .

BALLU can easily achieve these conditions that cannot be achieved by robots in general. For example, tasks such as building inspections and air sampling require only sensors such as cameras, which can be used as a walking information collection tool. Devices and so on. . .

However, BALLU is still in the R&D phase, resulting in inevitably having some flaws. For example, because it is too light, it is just a breeze, and you may lose it forever. . .

So in the end, I just want to end with one sentence.

That is:

The revolution has not been successful and comrades still need to work hard. . .

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