Philips hue smart light bulb can automatically turn on and off the lights? New equipped with motion sensor

Philips recently introduced the new Hue motion sensor, which is designed to save energy in smart bulbs with automatic motion sensing. Hue smart light bulbs can be driven in a variety of ways, including Philips IOS, Android App, smartphones and Hue switch buttons. If you want to make Hue motion sensors work, you must also connect to a third-party platform.

Philips hue smart light bulb can automatically turn on and off the lights? New equipped with motion sensor

Philips' motion sensors and ambient light sensors are connected to Hue's ZigBee IoT connection. Due to ZigBee's energy-saving mode, a pair of No. 7 dry batteries can drive the sensor. Although it needs frequent replacement, the Hue motion sensor has a 100-degree monitoring range and 5 The monitoring distance of the meter, the Hue bulb can be automatically turned on when you are close to it. The ambient light sensor will make the Hue bulb automatically extinguish the light during daylight conditions. The motion monitoring is now a common function of the smart home platform. In fact, you can use the SmartThings toolkit. Connect the dry battery-powered motion sensor to the Hue bulb.

The Hue motion sensor is priced at 40 euros, or about 300 yuan, and is said to be launched in July this year.

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