Belief in the recharge! Talk about the splendor and success of Sony TV

1 King of CRT era back to the top

A few days before PConline, “Time” magazine released a list of “the 50 most influential electronic devices ever,” many of which are old but full of emotions, some niche, but it has changed people’s way of life; some From the last era, it still affects people in this era. The number one ranking on the list was attributed to the iPhone, and the second ranked one was the one that brought back that year's excitement and belief - Sony Territory TV.

The almost paranoid research on display technology has allowed Sony to step up to the honour of giving the best technology to the consumer market with the fastest speed and most discerning craftsmanship, instead of experimental conceptual products. This is what makes electronic enthusiasts The origin of the madness belief. With "The Times" giving the Sony Territory TV the second chance to be second only to the iPhone, let's review Sony's 70th birthday and those important passes and misses in the history of television.

King of the CRT era

If you want to find an analog object for Trinitron in the CRT era, in addition to Sony's own walkman, you really can't find the second one. They have become a cultural phenomenon of that era, just as insisted on opening walnuts with Nokia, the so-called belief that they have changed the way you are accustomed to living.

Trinitron - cumulative shipments of 200 million

In October 1968, after seven years of research and development, Sony introduced the KV-1310, a color television with the first territorial CRT. Since then, Terri has been out of control, and no products have surpassed it from birth to the end of the entire CRT era.

Sony uses patented technology on Trinitron - three-beam single-shot technology. The electron guns of Trinitron's CRT employ MALS (Multi-Beam Dispersive Focusing System), EFEAL (Diffuse-Scanning Elliptical Hole Lens), and L-SAGIC (Low-Voltage Aperture Cathode). Thanks to this, Territorial CRTs are excellent in terms of brightness and color performance, and the color purity performance is also quite good. However, the single-shot three-beam structure requires high requirements for the relevant control circuit. If the manufacturer's technical level is not too hard, it is easy to produce defects in focusing and geometric distortion.

The same time as the kinescope technology is Mitsubishi's diamond file. The biggest difference from Teli is that it uses a three-shot, three-beam, relatively old and mature structure. The advantage is that the focus around the screen is accurate and clear, and the color is more uniform. The single-arm structure Trinitron has very high requirements for scanning and electron beam control circuits, but at the same time it is even better in terms of color expression. Mitsubishi's diamonds, however, have a middle-high end, but Sony's Trinitron TVs only use high-end technology. Can see Sony's strength in R & D and production, as well as its own product's extremely high demand.

In 1973, the American Emmy Award for the highest honor in the TV industry was awarded to the Terry CRT developed by Sony. As the highest award in the American television industry, the Emmy Award recognizes each year that outstanding contributions have been made in the fields of film and television, production, programming, television, and technology development. Terri has become the first electronic product to receive this honor.

Not only in the field of home television, Terrius is able to represent the pinnacle of technology in the entire CRT era because it is a leader in the field of television, displays, and broadcast monitors. With the sudden emergence of graphic workstations in the late 1980s, Sony became the only king in the field. Sun, HP and IBM chose Sony's Trinitron Display as the only graphics workstation.

Even if some of the graphic design studios are still used to make drawings, they may still have Trinitron displays. Some broadcast-grade Trinitron monitors can now sell for a good price. In more than 40 years of history, Sony sold about 200 million picture tubes and about 100 million Terri TVs. Trinitron has become a milestone product in the development of CRT technology.

Guixiang Engine - a pioneer in image processing

In 1994 Sony introduced Guixiang Image Processing Engine. Guixiang Engine has more sophisticated processing effects than ordinary Guixiang engines. Guixiang Engine not only represents Sony's original revolutionary imaging technology engine, but also represents the high image quality of digital images.

Sony Guixiang Engine incorporates many of the world's most advanced imaging technologies such as CCP (combination, color-difference processing circuit), DRC-MFV1 (digital precision imaging versatile adjustment), and MID-XU (multi-image driving). The CCP2 in the Guixiang Engine is Sony's image-preferred weapon. Its effect is simply to realize full-range digital processing of analog or digital image signals of various image sources, and to directly convert input signals into digital signals. The noise and signal loss caused by multiple times of mode conversion greatly increase the precision of the input signal and improve the picture quality.

After Sony introduced TV products using Guixiang's engine technology, Sony TV's popularity once again reached its climax, and its market share has grown rapidly, which has driven the TV industry to join the competition of "image processing" technology.

2 liquid crystal early generation leader / 4K era come back to the top

The first generation of liquid crystal leader

At the end of the 1990s, liquid crystal and plasma quietly arrived. According to truth, with Sony's tone, one should immediately innovate in flat-panel televisions, but Sony's dreams in the Trinitron and Guixiang engines have not been able to wake up. Trinitron, which still has strong advantages in display technology, let Sony hesitate. The transformation of that era is no more calm than the current transformation of the Internet.

Missing opportunities often miss out on market share, miss sales, and lose profits. Almost every department has a Sony R&D unit. Once the profits are missed, the company's burden will be as heavy as a landslide. Reducing R&D and production costs has become an imperative. It is no longer the only Sony that has only two thousandths and three yields to improve while producing.

Let's take a look at Sony's competitors in the same period. Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sharp, and Panasonic have already invested their energy in more advanced LCD and plasma technologies. The domestic TV manufacturers have quickly adjusted their product strategies. The trend of technological change.

Of course, Sony is not completely awake, just decided to lay the plasma and LCD slower when the other step, this time the market competition for flat-panel TVs has become extremely fierce, and the demand for large screens has begun to sprout. At that time, many families may not be able to afford color TV sets. Samsung, Sharp and other competitors used low-cost marketing strategies to quickly open up the market, making Sony very passive. This passiveness is clearly reflected in financial performance.

Until 2004 and 2005, Sony finally made up its mind to completely abandon CRT TV and established the "BRAVIA" LCD TV brand. During this time, Sony also established a joint venture with Samsung S-LCD, LCD panel business gradually matured, and the liquid crystal display market demand is growing, Sony TV business began to pick up.

At this time, another Japanese company that does not want to be copied and imitated decides to “exclusively enjoy technology” and sticks to the plasma front. It is unwilling to make alliances with others and wins. It is clear that even a quick pace will run from the swamp and eventually it will still fall into a mire. .

The 4K era is back

Although the Sony LCD era has always been not very happy, but obviously it is difficult to have the company has been at its pinnacle. If the financial crisis has become a result of Sony's indescribable results, then can we just set aside the cliché results to see how a technology-driven company contributes to the entire camera technology and display technology industry?

To continue to say that Sony's performance in the 4K era, we must mention the dominance of the camera industry. As a company from the camera tube, CCD, CMOS all the way R & D, or the only one from the shooting, later, release, provide a full set of technical solutions, equipment companies. Accumulation of these huge basic technologies has made Sony a well-deserved king in display technology and image processing.

So there are X-Reality Pro and TRILUMINOS image processing technologies in BRAVIA's LCD TVs, as well as the X-tended Dynamic Range Pro, and the 4K HDR technology that has been fully rolled out in these two years. Compared to the unified solution of MStar in the era of smart TV, Sony's X1 is far more powerful than the essence of television.

X-Reality Pro sharp image processing engine. It is precisely because of Sony's overall development in imagery. Like big data at the moment, Sony also has "big data" in video. X-Reality Pro is the use of Sony's large database, through the input image, calculation and analysis, reference to the database to achieve ultra-high resolution final output screen, it can optimize the frame-by-frame picture in the HD signal processing, not just processing data The throughput is powerful, and its excellent image rendering capability is also hard to come by.

TRILUMINOS Trick color display technology. The display technology speaks of the principle of a color filter, which is located between the LED backlight and the display panel. The two quantum dots distributed above absorb blue light and display pure red and pure green light, respectively. The result of this is that the white light emitted by the quantum dots is stronger and more stable than the wavelength of the white light guided by the filter coating, and can display more colors. Did you feel familiar? The technology that was used on Sony TV three years ago is exactly what quantum dot technology is being advertised by some vendors.

X-tended Dynamic Range Pro. This is Sony's masterpiece of improving the performance of light control on LCD TVs in recent years. It can accurately analyze the screen, find dark scenes, bright scenes, brightly promote bright scenes, and control local scenes with dark scenes. The energy of the local light control area is transferred to the bright part, so that the energy consumption can be well controlled.

This year is the first year of the outbreak of 4K HDR technology. Sony has also specially developed the Backlight Master Drive dynamic backlight system master version for this purpose. We know that the hardware basis for HDR effects is to require LCD TVs to have higher brightness. This technology uses higher brightness LED backlights, direct-type double-layer light guides, and more advanced management systems and drivers. The algorithm allows for ultra-thin, ultra-high brightness, and low power consumption to be balanced.

Summary: The 50 most influential electronic devices selected by the “Time” named Sony 4 models, among which Sony Teli TV also ranked second, which is also considered to be Sony’s consumer electronics. The field is greatly affirmed. With regard to Sony's outstanding product is too much too much, too much discussion about Sony, this article only from the television product line to review its powerful black technology, not mentioned industrial level and broadcast level LCD, OLED display technology, is to make others untouchable. If you are afraid that you can't see Sony's laptops and you don't see Sony's TVs, review the history of Sony TV. You should be aware that these fears are superfluous. TV has always been an important part of Sony's role. Character. Just hope that the future of Sony can make the company's operations run like the extraordinary technology.

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