Want to play stimuli? PSVR version of "Dust Rally" is online

Want to play stimuli? PSVR version of "Dust Rally" has been online from Baidu VR

Last month, British game developer Codemasters announced that it will add VR support for its racing game "Dirt Rally" to fit PlayStationVR. At that time, Codemasters did not give the specific time for the update to go online. Until today, this update was officially met with everyone.

Codemasters said that PlayStationVR head-mounted users will have the same excellent experience as PlayStation4 games, and all game modes, including "build-up" and "climbing" modes, will retain their original flavor. In addition, according to previous reports, a brand new cooperative driving model has also been added to the game, you can drive with your friends! You can use PlayStationVR's social screen option to let your friends join the game, he can use a Dualshock4 handle to give You provide directions.

Of course, the two options they see are not the same for players who have purchased and have not purchased Dust Rally. In addition, DLC upgrades for purchased gamers are already available on the PlayStation Store and are priced at £9.99. In addition, you can also choose to purchase a new "Earth Build Up" retail version directly on Argos or online.

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