Based on Dragonboard 410c android system USB Camera image preview

Recently, I saw a lot of people in the qualcomm forum asking whether the Dragonboard410c android system can support the USB camera. The author researched the source code and found that the android source code of the 410c official website is supporting UVC, which is the USB camera we are used to. . In this article, we briefly introduce how to implement USB camera image preview based on Dragonboard410c android system.

First, the preparation tools:

Figure 1. Dragonboard410c development board (android system)

Figure 2. Display

Figure 3. HDMI cable

Figure 4. Logitech C525 (usb camera)

Second, on-site operation:

1. Operation steps:

(1) Download Android studio or eclipse to compile our demo project (Simplewebcam) and generate Simplewebcam.apk.

(2) Start the 410c development board and connect the 410C to the PC via the USB cable;

(3) Start the adb terminal on the PC and pre-install the Simplewebcam.apk we generated into the system.

And enter the following command:

Adb root

Adb shell

Setenforce 0


Remarks: The version of the android system on the 410c is 5.1 and above, because the permissions of Selinux will cause the third party apk to open the device node of the camera. Here, for the convenience of debugging, we directly disable the permission limit of Selinux, you can also go to the source code. to modify.

(4) Unplug the USB cable and connect the usb camera to the 410C development board. Run our Simplewebcam.apk to see the image preview of the usb camera.

2. Debugging method:

Many people are asking, the device usb and host usb of the 410c development board are multiplexed. When using the usb camera, you cannot connect to the PC adb tool through the device usb to log the view! In fact, android has already supported wireless adb very early. The specific implementation is as follows:

Connect the board to the PC with USB, and then connect the two to the same wifi hotspot, so that it is under the same gateway.

Then type on the PC:

Adb tcpip 5555

Adb connect board IP

After the connection is successful, you can remove the USB cable and you will find that adb can be used normally. In this case, you can use the adb tool to debug normally while using the usb camera!

Third, the actual measurement effect map sharing: (the desktop is chaotic ha ~!)

Fourth, the routine project to share:

Give everyone the most wanted core implementation project~!


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