[playing method] no time fitness? You can also lose weight by watching TV

[Summary] Actually, ah, there is no time to go out to work out as there are ways to exercise, or even to achieve your own happy weight loss plan. My experience is in somatosensory games.

What? See the title you say I am the Lich King? What is fee fee brother? I'm talking about somatosensory games, Baby!

As a North drifting dog, it's hard to find time to really exercise. The years of the years painted a road on my forehead and I only hated killing pig knives in addition to remembering broken tickets.

Actually, ah, there is no time to go out to work out as there are ways to exercise, or even to achieve your own happy weight loss plan. My experience is in somatosensory games.

Since I played the Xbox somatosensory game, the time I live at home has almost changed the way I live. From my experience with the Xbox One S, the general interaction began in 5 minutes of sweating, which is better than running!

In terms of platform selection, looking at the market, you will find that somatosensory games are currently implemented on the mainstream three mainframes. Although the implementation principles are different, they can all achieve an interactive effect. Although VR is booming, you have to admit that you want to make the whole body move and truly achieve a full-body interaction with the game. At present, it still depends on somatosensory games.

Xbox is based on Kinect 2.0 components to achieve a sense of body, hands do not need to take things, the current experience is basically the three platforms are better. PS platform is generally like, Nintendo ... I just remember the Wii. In addition to the Switch that will be launched in March, I think it's quite good, because "1,2," "Switch," "ARMS" and the "Rhythm of Heaven" that may be introduced in the future sequel to these exclusive games, maybe Switch is more suitable for family members. together. So for the somatosensory, I personally recommend the Xbox One S and the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

It's better to dance!

Among the dance games, I'm sure that the debut is full of dance. This series of game works from 2014 to 2017, multi-generation products maintain a good experience and song update speed. And as a dance game, it will be on the Xbox One platform, the PS4 and the upcoming Nintendo Switch, which is very suitable for your own fitness at home, to party and play with family. In addition, I particularly want to say that when buying the game "Full Dance", the difference between several generations of works is actually not great, mainly the content of the songs, and relatively old songs may make it easier for us to have an impression. So, what can we do to achieve the same effect in our full dance 2015? It will also save a lot of money. It is worth mentioning that "Full Dance" supports up to 4 people to dance together. If there are fewer family members, it can be played by everyone!

Do you know how much ecstasy can you play with dancing? Please poke the video!

Similar to the "Dancing Full" dance game, "Dancing Whole Body", but its music library is very small, and the effect of the screen is also more boring, the advantage is that the price is only "Full of Dance" series of about 1/4 , as a sub-choice, or to supplement the game is also not a bad idea.

Regarding "Full Dance," the experience on the Xbox platform and the PS platform is not much worse. However, since Switch only supports handshaking handles rather than pure somatosensory, if you choose "Full Dance", try not to experience it on Switch as much as possible.

Play all kinds of sports, 嘿嘿嘿

The "Kinect Games" is a collection of small games that Microsoft Studios introduced to have a good experience. It includes sports bikes, rock climbing, football, shooting, tennis and other sports. It also supports dual-screen split-screen games.

The tennis game inside is very large and it is very suitable for exercising and relaxing neck and shoulders. The aforementioned game in which I had been sweating for five minutes was the tennis in the “Kinect Games”.

Follow the TV and pull out a Zheng Duan

Xbox Fitness and SHAPE UP Fitness Fun. Both games are fitness products. Xbox Fitness is a comprehensive fitness system that contains complex and complex fitness courses like all fitness and fitness tutorials. In the past, we all followed TV 5 minutes every day. With the Xbox, the experience of doing aerobics every day should be improved. However, it is regrettable that it is said that the fitness application launched by Microsoft has been abandoned by Microsoft and it will not be updated. The users who have already purchased only provide support until 2017 and do not know if this is indeed the case.

"SHAPE UP fitness fun" as a fitness game, I personally feel is ... ... painting style really XX strange! The visual effect of real people interacting with virtual scenes is a bit too much for me... Although the style is very different, the actual practical effect “SHAPE UP” is not bad. What is important is that what is important is that this is an effective support for two people to work out together, and men and women should not be tired.

Rhythm up to people can not miss!

February 9 news, somatosensory game new work, "sense of rhythm warfare" landed the country Xbox One, the game propaganda language is even more use of "fasten the rhythm of sweat," this kind of description to directly point out the core content of the game somatosensory sports. However, after I opened the preview video of the game, I had a look of 懵X. Is this the music rhythm game in the eyes of European and American game designers?

If you really like music rhythm games, as someone who has come to give you a conscience suggested "basically you only need to play one game is enough!" From GBA to NDS, and then to the previous Wii platform, "Rhythm Heaven" series It is my pinnacle of music rhythm games. It can be said that with this music rhythm game you will be enough.

"Rhythm Heaven" has no detailed picture and no gorgeous special effects. The whole game is a cute, stupid and lack of style, but it is this kind of style that allows you to concentrate on the rhythm of the music at the same time get the feeling of relaxation. To grasp the game player's mentality, Nintendo is really a god.

The generation above the Wii platform is called "everybody's rhythm heaven". While continuing the style of the previous two works, it fully integrates the Wii's handle and somatosensory characteristics. Don't think of a rhythm game. The picture is Q. It's easy to play. When you get started, you will know that, if you want 100% to pass the rhythm, it is a task that cannot be completed.

In addition, I particularly want to say that the Switch platform will be available immediately in March. As one of the games Nintendo will use in the latter part of the game, I have reason to believe that I am very much looking forward to seeing Rhythm Heaven at the end of this year or at some point next year. platform. If you want to play the latest rhythm of heaven, keep Switch to invest.

Extravagant yoga

In addition to the above-mentioned games that can be used for physical exercise, there are two games that look a little strange and I want to say something special.

"FRU" uses the body as a channel through which game characters pass, so that the body and the game are completely integrated. In many game scenarios, the player is required to make a yoga-like shape that is very large or very difficult to span. Not only is the player's game ability a test, but more important is a kind of exercise for the player's physical condition. Maybe after playing this game, you can become a yoga expert.

As an exclusive game for the Switch platform's first release, "ARMS" is a very colorful family interaction. The fun of the game lies in ... ... the mutual armor. Yes, two game players take the form of playing in the game and reach out to each other. The game also features jump, roundabout positions, and even strokes, which are ideal for family members to play with. While exercising, neck and shoulder muscles can be exercised to ease the exhaustion of the day.

I can imagine that when you bought this game, the atmosphere at home was like this:

Did the young couple get confused? Hit it!

Who will wash the bowl after dinner? Hit it!

New Year's first parents back home? Hit it!

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