Operators exposed the inside story: the promised bandwidth is far from the actual network speed

Recently, the development of broadband has become a hot topic of great concern to society. Whether it's a question about broadband shortcomings, or a debate about whether China's broadband price is 100 times higher than South Korea, it points to a reality-China's broadband development is not satisfactory, the main indicators not only lag behind developed countries, but also average The level gap is also widening.

So, what are the root causes of China's backward broadband development? How to promote broadband development through application prosperity?


10 households with broadband 15 households tingle nerves with official alarming numbers

10 households broadband 15 households

"The bandwidth we promise is very different from the actual network speed users use. It is a common phenomenon. This is the so-called fake broadband." Yesterday, a technical operator of the network operator who asked not to be named revealed to the Chongqing Evening News reporter.

He said that the actual speed of broadband use is affected by many factors, and generally cannot reach the speed promised by the operator. Among them, in addition to the physical loss caused by line quality, the biggest reason is Internet congestion.

At present, all operators' broadband access is roughly divided into two types: ADSL and LAN. "These two methods are strictly speaking shared networks, but the scope of sharing is different." His image metaphor: Broadband entry is like a big city to a rural village. The operator's headquarters is equivalent to a large city, and the optical fiber is like a highway connecting the district town first, and then the town to the rural village, that is, the rural trail. The difference between ADSL and LAN is mainly the last 100 meters, the last 100 meters of ADSL uses a telephone line, and the last 100 meters of LAN is a network line. Depending on the location of the access point, the LAN is congested when entering the country trail, and when ADSL enters the country trail, this road may be exclusive to it. In the case of low bandwidth, there is almost no difference between the two, and there may be a difference in high bandwidth above 20M, such as fiber directly to the home, this situation is generally only in high-end residential.

He introduced that in order to make full use of broadband resources, broadband providers will calculate an online rate and increase the number of users based on the standard configuration. For example, a cell has a bandwidth of 100M, 10M per household, which could only be allocated to 10 households, and assuming that 5 households are not online every day according to the online ratio, the operator will be divided into 15 households or even more. As a result, if one day everyone is online at the same time, the bandwidth is obviously insufficient. "There is no unified national regulation for online ratios, and operators often determine according to their own circumstances. Therefore, in order to seize more services, some small operators often ignore the online ratio or increase equipment expansion, resulting in insufficient broadband, which deceives consumers."

He said that any blockage in broadband operation from high-speed roads to country roads will cause insufficient bandwidth, and there will be a situation where the promised bandwidth is far from the actual bandwidth used by users. "Computer users are constantly increasing. To solve this problem, only a large amount of investment has to be continuously increased for infrastructure construction. But in reality, the infrastructure construction that can be invested often fails to keep up with the needs of users, and it is difficult to speed up broadband. "


Shocking numbers sting nerves

On March 13, the People ’s Posts and Telegraph reported that since the second half of last year, a series of shocking figures have stung the nerves of China ’s telecommunications industry and the public.

The latest figures from the authoritative CDN service provider Akamai show that at the end of 2011, China's Internet access rate was 1.4 megabits, and the international ranking dropped to 90th.

According to data from Speedtes, a network speed measurement agency, in the first half of 2010, the actual download capacity of China's broadband network ranked 79th in the world, less than half of the global average. For a time, ideas such as fake broadband and monopoly hindering development spread widely.

According to the People ’s Posts and Telecommunications report, it is even more unacceptable that this backwardness happened precisely during the rapid rise of China ’s national power.

How can the public see a broadband China with ubiquitous coverage, strong application support, and the lowest possible tariff? Excitingly, China's National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council have set up working groups to jointly organize strategic research on broadband China. In the "12th Five-Year Plan" of strategic emerging industries and information industries, they also mentioned the realization of broadband China strategy and the launch of broadband China project. It can be said that the national broadband strategy is ready.

Chongqing's highest internet speed

The maximum speed of professional users can reach 10G. Ordinary user LAN can reach 100 trillion. ADSL can reach 20 trillion. The number of new users is currently 4 trillion.

Package tariff selection

With the same standard, higher rates for telecommunications and China Unicom have higher tariffs, and other operators have lower tariffs and lower network speeds. Experts suggest that the bandwidth provided by the operator should also be considered, at a price standard of M / month, and selected according to individual actual needs and income levels, while considering the stability of services provided by broadband service providers.

Users should choose the corresponding network speed and tariffs according to their own needs and economic income. Don't just spend high speeds and spend money unjustly.

Community broadband options

Q: The cell is only connected to the telecommunications network. Can other operators be selected?

Answer: The new community is generally implemented by co-building and sharing. In principle, all operators can enter, but if there is only a telecommunications network, consumers cannot have other options.

Q: Can consumers choose ADSL and LAN freely?

Answer: It needs to be determined according to the wiring situation. If the community only distributes ADSL lines, consumers will have no other choice.

Internet speed is already slow

Why are you two pounds short?

China's Internet speed is already slow, but it is still too short, who will solve it?

On January 16 this year, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "29th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China." The report shows that as of the end of December 2011, the scale of Chinese netizens exceeded 500 million, reaching 513 million, and 55.8 million netizens were added throughout the year.

Humans have entered the online society, but in real life, we often hear similar complaints: the company ’s slow network speed and the failure to send out important documents and large-scale data in time have caused significant economic losses or reputation damage; male netizens ’slow QQ response The girlfriend in love mistakenly thought that she had been left out and announced her breakup; stockholders complained about the slow speed of the network, and the stocks that were supposed to be sold could not be traded in time.

We have to ask: Who took our internet speed? What penalties will be punished?

How to make your computer faster

1. Avoid peak hours when playing large-scale online games or downloading high-definition movies.

2. Regularly clean up system trash and kill malware.

3. Try to make the virtual memory larger.

4. Place the cat in a ventilated place, and do not overlap it with the router.

5. Several computers share the network and use the corresponding router.

6. Open IE Start-Run, enter gpedit.msc, open Group Policy, select Local Computer Policy-Computer Configuration-Administrative Template-Network-qos Datagram Scheduler, double-click on the right to limit the reserved bandwidth, and set it to disabled.

7. Modify ip to static setting.

8. Turn on the arp firewall.

9. Manage startup items and accelerate intelligent optimization.

10. Only install one main anti-virus software.

Customer Service Phone of Major Operators

Telecom: 10000 Unicom: 10010

Mobile: 10086 Great Wall: 968003

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