Machine vision light source selection

In machine vision systems, obtaining a high-quality, processable image is crucial. The reason for the success of the system is to ensure good image quality and obvious features. The reason why a machine vision project fails is that most of the cases are caused by poor image quality and insignificant features. To ensure a good image, a suitable light source must be selected.

Machine vision light source selection

Basic elements of light source selection:

Contrast: Contrast is very important for machine vision. The most important task of lighting for machine vision applications is to maximize the contrast between the features that need to be observed and the features of the image that need to be ignored, so that the features can be easily distinguished. Contrast is defined as the difference in gray levels between the feature and the surrounding area. Good lighting should ensure that the features to be detected stand out from other backgrounds.

Brightness: When choosing two light sources, the best choice is to choose the brighter one. When the light source is not bright enough, there may be three bad situations. First, the signal-to-noise ratio of the camera is not enough; because the brightness of the light source is not enough, the contrast of the image is necessarily insufficient, and the possibility of noise on the image increases immediately. Secondly, the brightness of the light source is not enough, it is necessary to increase the aperture, thereby reducing the depth of field. In addition, when the brightness of the light source is not enough, random light such as natural light will have the greatest impact on the system.

Robustness: Another way to test a good light source is to see if the light source is least sensitive to the position of the part. When the light source is placed in different areas or different angles of the camera's field of view, the resulting image should not change accordingly. A highly directional light source increases the possibility of specular reflections on highlight areas, which is not conducive to subsequent feature extraction.

A good light source needs to be able to make the features you need to look very obvious. In addition to the camera being able to capture the part, a good light source should be able to produce maximum contrast, sufficient brightness, and insensitivity to changes in the position of the part. Once the light source is selected, the rest of the work will be much easier. The specific light source selection method also lies in the practical experience of the experiment.

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