What kind of experience is it to date with the longest loved one?

An old man with a crane, a 28- year relationship with Kang Bao

Founded in 1988 , Kangbao Electric has the reputation of “Defense King” and is now celebrating its 28th anniversary! To this end, Kangbao Electric launched a fiery "longest-year user collection" activity, and unexpectedly learned the story of a young man from Hefa and Kangbao who had no love for 28 years.

The old man of Hefa, the woman surnamed Zhu, was suffering from mild Alzheimer's disease in the past few years. His mind was somewhat confused, and his son could only guess the mother's thoughts from his words. My son Xiao Zhu said that my mother has been sick for years and always muttered to herself, forgetting a very important thing. The mother's piecemeal memory fragment, there is no way to form a complete object, only know that it is the mother's unfulfilled wish.

Later, when I went back to my hometown to visit relatives, I went back to the old house in the country to see. Zhu cried with excitement and helped the disinfection cabinet in his house. Xiao Zhu knew that the mother was pinning her thoughts on her father. On the sterilizer.

Twenty- eight years ago, her mother was tested positive for chronic hepatitis B. In order not to infect her family, she always went home late or unexpectedly, avoiding the opportunity for a family to eat, and the tableware was also distinguished. The father looked in his eyes and hurt in his heart, but he could do nothing. At that time, passing the shopping mall, I just saw an alternative square box. After listening to the promoters, I realized that it was called “disinfection cabinet”. High-temperature technology disinfected tableware could kill the hepatitis B virus and other viruses. That was the first time that the disinfection cabinet met with the world, and it was met with the father. It also created a 28- year incomprehensible relationship.

The father did not want his mother to be wronged and determined to buy a disinfection cabinet for his father. He carried his family out of town to work, moved to the construction site, accumulated a few months of change, and bought the first generation of Kangbao disinfection cabinet. In the days that followed, the family used public chopsticks, the tableware was disinfected, and the mother put down the big stone. Since then, the family has been happy to sit down.

However, five or six years ago, Xiao Zhu’s father left the world, Xiao Zhu’s family also moved away from the old house, and the disinfection cabinet was replaced by Kangbao’s new embedded disinfection cabinet. However, due to the dual factors of ageing and mild Alzheimer's disease, Zhu's thoughts on her husband are all pinned on the Kangbao disinfection cabinet that once kept the family happy.

Companionship is the most long-lasting confession. Without a husband, it is good to have a Kangbao disinfection cabinet. When Zhu’s husband misses her, at least she can think of things and remember her husband’s bit by bit. The health of Zhu’s twenty years has not only depended on her husband’s hard work, but also benefited from the 28- year health guardian of the Kangbao disinfection cabinet. The happy days of more than 20 years are guarded by her husband's day and night, and it is also a wonderful date with Kangbao.

This rare and valuable love is destined to engrave a heavy stroke in the history of Kang Bao. After twenty-eight years of experience, Kangbao has been the advocacy brand of health appliances, accompanying the healthy growth of thousands of families. Nowadays, it is the creator and guardian of a happy family. Every good product experience gives people a happy feeling of dating, which is the brand's heritage and charm.

If there is one of the simplest and purest feelings in the world, I think there is no feeling of mutual dependence and happiness with Kangbao. Nothing is intriguing, don't worry that feelings will deteriorate, no uneasiness, no need to be careful, old will still be your health guard. When you have me, exchange your heart with sincerity, happiness and well-being. So, how good!

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