Looking forward to the 2017 market: the road to the rise of domestic robots needs to slow down slowly

With the continuous deepening of industrial structure adjustment and upgrading and the shift of international manufacturing centers to China, China's robot market will further increase and the market expansion speed will be further improved. Looking forward to 2017, what sectors of China's robot industry development need to focus on?

With the acceleration of China's automation, industrial robots in intelligent production have also received more and more attention. In the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the state has already adopted industrial robots as an important part of intelligent manufacturing equipment, and various local governments have successively introduced relevant policies. From this point of view, the development of the robot industry is in line with the country's transition from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power”, which is one of the important reasons why the robot industry has achieved such brilliant development results in such a short period of time. . 2016 is nearing the end. Looking forward to 2017, which sectors of China's robot industry development need to focus on?

System integration obvious advantages <br> <br> With the increasing level of Chinese industrial enterprise automation, robotic automation market line will be growing, and gradually become the main way of automated production lines. Coupled with the continuous deepening of China's industrial structure adjustment and upgrading and the shift of international manufacturing centers to China, China's robot market will further increase and the market expansion speed will be further improved. At present, China has become the world's largest demander of industrial robots, and the market is developing stably. The manufacture of automobiles and their parts is still the main application field of industrial robots. However, domestic robots must make quality, function, reliability, and ease of operation before the market is saturated. At the same time, they must lower the cost. This requires racing against time and accelerating resource integration.

In recent years, robots have always been a hot spot for investment. In the field of industrial robots, the competitive advantage of Chinese companies is mainly reflected in system integration. At present, 80% of China's robot companies are concentrated in the field of system integration, and with the price of special equipment and electrical components being lowered year by year, domestic enterprises gradually form import substitutions based on cost performance and service advantages, and their market share has steadily increased. Half of the market. According to the CIC Consulting Industry Research Center, the scale of the robotic ontology market will reach 27.6 billion yuan in 2020, and the market size of the integrated system is expected to reach 83 billion yuan. The average annual growth rate in the next five years can reach 20%.

Looking forward to the 2017 market: the road to the rise of domestic robots needs to slow down slowly

The rapid growth of basic research studies missing servo system <br> <br> industrial robots has spurred the development of servo motor market to some extent. However, in the current domestic industrial machine market, 85% of the servo motors are foreign brands, while most of the local enterprises are still in the stage of development and testing, and there are almost no industrialized industrial robot servo motors. The current domestic servos are generally long and have a rough appearance, the reliability of the signal connectors has been criticized, and the high-precision encoders are heavily dependent on imports. This has led to domestic servos not being used in some high-end applications, especially on light-load desktop robots.

At present, domestic servo motor OEMs are mostly based on the market share of Japanese servo motors. The power is mostly within 3kw, and the power is mostly small and medium. However, the medium-to-high power servo of 5.5-15kw is not available, resulting in the application of some devices. Because there is no high-power servo motor and driver matching, it is forced to give up the whole system. In addition, China's servo suppliers are doing the motor as the motor, the encoder as the encoder, and the driver as the driver. Without the synergy, the overall performance of the servo motor and the drive system is difficult to complete. Moreover, the domestic servo system lacks basic research, including absolute encoder technology, industrial manufacturing technology of high-end motors, breakthroughs in production processes, practical verification of performance indicators, and development of assessment standards. These need to be perfected by the core component companies in the robotics industry.

Ease of use to the development of new challenges <br> <br> recently released United Nations report shows that, in the future, in developing countries, 2/3 of the labor force will be replaced by robots. It is undeniable that robots have been widely used in manufacturing, but they still have problems of expensive construction and difficult programming. For most businesses, robots are not good enough. It can be seen that the current global robot industry is still in its infancy, and it needs to be greatly improved in terms of cost and ease of use in order to truly move into the mainstream market.

Although the cost curve of China's robots is currently declining, it is estimated that the cost of industrial robots will fall by half in the next decade. With the maturity of related technologies in the future, the cost issue will no longer become a constraint factor for the development of China's robot industry. But over the cost of the mountain, it has ushered in the river of ease of use of robots, and it is more difficult to improve the ease of use of robots than to reduce the cost of research and development. Industrial robots do not have the ability to learn from experience. They can only rely on new procedures to learn new tasks. This flaw limits the application of industrial robots in predictable and unambiguous tasks.

Summary <br> <br> Overall, China's robot industry in the core technology on key components, with world-class level there is a gap. Foreign brands account for more than 60% of the Chinese industrial robot market; as for multi-joint robots with more than six axes, foreign brands occupy even more market share, exceeding 80%.

At present, apart from a small number of Chinese-Japanese joint venture robot companies based on assembly, industrial robots with independent intellectual property rights are still in sporadic production organized by universities or research institutes, failing to form a climate. With the accelerating pace of innovation and integration between artificial intelligence technology, digital manufacturing technology and mobile Internet, the development of the global robot industry is showing a new trend. What is certain is that the robot will be the future development trend, but there are still some difficulties in the current popularity. The road to the rise of domestic robots is not easy, and it is cherished.

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