LeTV video's next big goal: to create a super IP content ecosystem for younger star economy

On December 5th, LeTV video president Gao Fei released an internal letter today, saying that after completing a new round of BG organizational restructuring, members and sales management system returned to LeTV video. Gao Fei also said that LeTV video will focus on content layout, user operations and ecological collaboration.

LeTV video's next big goal: to create a super IP content ecosystem for younger star economy

On November 6, LeTV chairman Jia Yueting issued an open letter acknowledging the existence of problems in the company's capital chain, and announced that it would lead LeTV's ecology to the next stage and begin to create positive cash flow. Since mid-November, LeTV has issued a number of personnel appointments to coincide with the "second phase of LeEco's ecological strategy."

Gao Fei admits that this is an “advanced change”, but LeTV video needs to complete an outbreak in this round of change. Gao Fei also said that in this adjustment, LeTV Video not only recovered the membership and sales management system, but also declared that “a complete and comprehensive access to LeTV video” can “achieve the full ecological content and maximize the value of the product”.

Specifically, LeTV video will focus on three aspects: content layout, user operation, and ecological collaboration:

1, increase the content layout, over 70% of the budget force "production + homemade." In fact, in the 2017 variety show and drama series released by LeTV on November 9, the content of “production + homemade” has exceeded 70%.

2. The operation of “users with different ages” creates a younger brand image. Next, LeTV Video will provide accurate services for users of different ages, different industries and different preferences. Among them, young users will be the next focus group.

3. Launch the Content Open Eco strategy. Testing the content ecosystem platform in the United States.

At the same time, Gao Fei said that the future of LeTV Video is to accumulate more high-quality IP, especially IP with Chinese characteristics, and to carry out a comprehensive layout based on this, and continue to extend to the entire pan-entertainment industry chain. Drive LeTV content ecology to become a cultural and entertainment kingdom like Disney."

The internal letter is as follows:

All the friends of LeTV Video:

Last Friday, everyone received BG's new organizational structure adjustment. For us, it is a new beginning, and I would like to take this opportunity to chat with you.

Some time ago, Li An’s "Billie Lynn's Midfield War" was released. For the first time, I tried the top configuration of 3D+4K+120fps. Many people wondered why international masters with many awards should be 62 years old. adventure. I recommend that you have time to take a look at this movie, especially to feel the top, because this is an advanced attempt, not accepted by most people in this era, because they can not see the future.

For the mixed evaluation, Director Ang Lee said that you can hate this movie, but please don't exclude 120 frames of new media; he said that although it is difficult to change people's habits, I am too curious, I am no longer young. I don't want to wait; he said that holding the dream of a movie, the big difficulty will only be regarded as a kind of fun.

This reminds me of the first TV series "芈月传" made with 4K, the first online drama "Prince Edward's promotion" which created miracles with innovation, and also reminded me of the recent music on the cusp.

In fact, those who can't hear music think that the dancing people are crazy.

Recently, everyone must have received a variety of "greetings". Perhaps a Mexican slang can be used as a reply: "They tried to bury us, but we don't know that we are seeds."

With the gradual completion of the layout of the LeTV Ecology Seven Ecology, we have entered the second stage of LeEco's ecological strategy. The most important thing in this stage is to recover the fists and accumulate potential energy. As the eco-starting and foundation of LeEco, LeTV video has formed a mature system and style of play in the IP-based whole industry chain operation, and will play a more important role in this period. Through strong content and strong liquidity, it is ecological. Provide a more powerful driving force to pull the ecology into a new outbreak period.

Therefore, after careful consideration at the company level, the adjustment of BG's new round of organizational structure was completed, and the management system of members and sales returned. After the new adjustment, LeTV video will be fully and comprehensively realized to maximize the ecological content and product value; it is also more conducive to our integration thinking, so as to make strategic choices that are more beneficial to the company, and also make us more confident. And strength to go to the battlefield.

This is a change that has been advanced. Tension and rush are inevitable, and change will inevitably be accompanied by some pain. But dare not take risks, it is the biggest risk of this era. If you are not a slave to security, you will have the opportunity to create a new world. And we will try our best to provide you with a more suitable environment and a larger development space, so that everyone can play their own strengths and create greater value.

We are experiencing an important moment in the history of LeTV video, and we have also won the best opportunity. Everyone's efforts will become a highlight of LeTV and even the history of the industry. After the adjustment, we will face the double challenge of major changes in the company and intensified competition in the industry. This is not easy or even difficult, but the unchanging days are very boring, isn't it? The world that knows nothing, go on, there are surprises.

Since we are the first to purchase copyright in the video website and achieve profitability at the earliest, we currently reserve 150,000 episodes of TV series, 80,000 episodes of animation and 5,000 movies, becoming China's largest Internet video library and sports copyright library;

Since we can enable the member payment model at the earliest, we can quickly acquire large-scale, high-value people, allowing users to pay only for valuable content and services;

Since we can arrange the self-made dramas in the industry at the earliest, we have created "Northeast Past", "Women's Gangs", "My name is Hao Cong", "I am a promotion", "Yuyue" Chuan, "Dear Translator" and many other explosions, and create a new business realization model through ecological operations;

Since we can propose to abandon pure copyright purchases at the earliest, we will promote new cooperation models such as “guarantee + share” to stimulate more quality content and quality creative teams;

Then, in the future battle of the pan-entertainment industry, I believe that with our ecological play, we will be able to break out again.

Therefore, next we will focus on three aspects: content layout, user operations, and ecological collaboration:

1, increase the content layout, over 70% of the budget force "production + homemade":

A long time ago, LeTV video realized that vigorously developing self-made is an important way to break the curse of the industry. In the past two years, the self-made industry has really exploded, and the era of video website self-made has become the trend of the times. You can also see that in the 2017 variety show and big drama series released by LeTV on November 9, the content of “production + homemade” accounted for more than 70%. In 2017, LeTV Video will continue to invest more than 70% of its budget in self-made content, recruiting first-line production teams, sturdy self-control capabilities, and exporting TVs in large areas, recreating "Prince Edwards" and "Yueyue Chuan" "This kind of explosion and drama king.

On Saturday, we also launched two super-self-made content: "Psychological Crime 2" was launched in 53 hours of play-offs; "Goddess' Choice" exported Hubei Satellite TV and Heilongjiang Satellite TV, and the online broadcast volume exceeded 48 million. And this is just the beginning, and then the most luxurious production level of the history of the self-made variety "Single War" and many other content, will be more worth looking forward to. After the full layout, the 2017 LeTV video-made content will be fully ushered in the “harvest period”.

2, the user operation of the age-appropriate group, shaping the younger brand image:

LeTV's philosophy is based on user value and the first priority. For users of LeTV video, we need to understand what users want, and provide users with the services they need, precisely for users of different ages, different industries and different preferences. Especially after the return of the membership system, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the needs of this part of users.

Young users will be the focus of our next focus, and we hope to make LeTV videos a young, courageous, and positive new role that will make our users “different”.

3. Launch the Content Open Eco strategy:

Content Open Eco is currently testing the water in the United States. In the future, we will gradually introduce and improve the habits of domestic users, subvert the existing model and create a truly open content ecosystem. Because of this, only LeTV can do, only LeTV has multiple levels of super entrance.

Now, LeTV Video is no longer a pure content playback platform, but also a manufacturer and booster of high-quality content. Back to LeEco Ecology, we can provide users with quality services at full time and in all scenarios, and with LeEco Ecology. As the globalization process continues to intensify, LeTV Video will also become a platform for excellent cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

In the future, what will be the LeTV video? We hope to drive the LeTV content ecosystem to become the cultural and entertainment kingdom of Disneyland, accumulate more high-quality IP, especially the IP with Chinese characteristics, and based on this, comprehensive layout, to the whole pan The entertainment industry chain continues to expand, creating a strong cultural and entertainment complex.

This dream is very big and far away, but it is the mission of LeTV Video, and it is also our shared vision of those who have dreams who are not afraid of hard work.

All the way to the thorns, all the way to the sun; instead of withering in waiting, it is better to bloom in action.

We believe that the stumbling block on the ideal road is not to stop us, but to stop those who are not so eager to go far away; we also believe that the long way can reach the end point step by step; the short road, not the double The foot can't finish.

When we go hand in hand, we will build a better video of LeTV.

work hard together!


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