Wang Sicong this time saw a VR travel company

Wang Sicong, who has already invested in seven listed companies, recently invested in a travel company - the first high-end travel media and travel e-commerce company Zenadu.

Zhannadu announced that the first Zhannadu VR experience space opened in Shanghai and announced that it had obtained Wang Sicong’s investment from Pulsi Capital. The specific amount has not yet been announced, but according to the PR agency, the amount of financing compared to A financing has a premium. In December last year, Zhannadu Boutique Travel Network announced that it had received more than RMB 80 million A+ round investment from Tencent.

VR and live streaming, as the latest audio-visual presentation technology applied in practice, have become popular in China and have become the target of capital pursuit. Securities firm Shenwan Hongyuan expects that by 2020, China's VR market will reach 55.6 billion yuan. Due to the close integration of tourism with life and consumption, and the relatively low cost of production of travel VR content, travel companies are constantly trying to conduct marketing through VR or live broadcasting, and increase the conversion rate of product sales.

In the Zennadu VR experience space opened on August 3rd, people can bring VR glasses and watch several VR videos produced by Zennadu to feel the environment of a certain hotel or a destination's attractions. In order to help make travel consumption decisions. In addition, people can look through the "digital books" and print media magazines of Zennadu in the experience space and learn about the travel products, log in to the official micro signal or directly scan the QR code to order products.

This experience space is located in Shanghai Ouyuelai Shopping Village, near Shanghai Disneyland. According to Dirk Eschenbacher, Chief Creative Officer of Zengnadu, this means that there will be about 40,000 visitors each weekend. Zhannadu's VR content is being promoted online and offline. Dirk explained that Zhannadu started VR from last year and has already taken 20 VR videos in May of this year. This year it plans to shoot 100. “Zhannadu now shoots 360 videos and puts the videos on various platforms so as to attract passengers and enter the Zennadu platform to buy Zenaduo products.” Dirk's global VR in May this year Eco-conference said.

“Zhannadu travel experience space is an innovation in the travel retail industry and is another milestone after the launch of the travel VR app in Zhannadu.” said Wu Yin, founder and CEO of Zengnadu. Zhannadu has formed its own profit model through innovative travel content, combined with high-end travel products.

At present, the domestic tourism companies involved in the field of VR, in addition to Zhannadu, also includes eLong, Home Inns, Century Cruises and so on. In March this year, eLong announced that it would try to launch VR hotel videos to help consumers make more reliable decisions and guide consumption. In July 26th, eLong announced the use of VR technology to shoot scenic + hotel experience videos.

“The tourism online consumption scenario is broadly divided into: inspiration, journey formulation, booking, experience and sharing. From the scene, VR is a part of inspiration and experience, but VR technology is still in its infancy, and the profit model is not yet clear. The ability to liquidate remains to be tested.” Wang Feng, a tourism analyst at Hanghui, analyzed the prevailing situation in the domestic VR field. Compared to traditional verbal descriptions or just taking photos, VR does provide consumers with a more intuitive, three-dimensional experience.

Founded in 2012, Zhannadu has successively obtained investment from Ceyuan Venture Capital, Jingwei Capital, Tencent and Cape Capital, focusing on high-end travel markets. Now there are global boutique hotel reservations, villa bookings around the world, and overseas free travel. Packages, domestic short holiday light luxury packages, boutique lines and customized travel services.

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