Lynx Box M16C Youku Member Enjoyed Edition Out of the Box Review: Rose Gold Shines

The Lynx box is new again! Around the “Box Guy” program, Tmall Box has launched a number of products including M12 and M16C. Recently, the latest version of the Lynx Box M16C Youku member has been released, and the following version of the Lynx Box M16C Youku member enjoys an out-of-box evaluation.

Lynx Box M16C Youku members enjoy the package version compared with the previous M16C test I did not change, or the original packaging, and even the information on the box is almost the same.

The yellow leather hard paper packaging box is full of the concept of environmental protection. A familiar logo and advertising words are printed on the front, and the side and bottom are respectively printed with the relevant introduction of the T16 box of Youku members. The number of Chinese TV, 1080P, HDMI, Basic configuration information such as WLAN is basically the same as M16C. In addition, the “rose gold” lettering on the packaging caught the attention of Xiao Bian. It seems that this product also follows the trend and uses a rose gold color scheme.

Open the packaging box, the upper and lower levels of packaging, host and accessories in different packaging boxes, clean and simple, easy to get. The rose gold Lynx Box M16C Youku member enjoys the classic Tmall model. Although there are not many changes in the design, this rose gold color enhances the value of the product. Compared to the previous products, the Lynx Box M16C Youku member enjoy the version more elegant and cute, coupled with the Tmall's LOGO is impressive.

In the middle is a white triangular power indicator, which lights blue when it is turned on. The overall body is still lightweight and compact. It seems that the Tmall Box is gone forever on the small, lovely road.

The change is only the top color, the bottom is still the classic dirty black, the middle of the "waist line" increases the product's agility. The bottom of the product is simply printed information, the overall feeling is simple, but there is no anti-slip rubber pad, use can not guarantee the stability of the host.

Lynx Box M16C Youku member enjoy the version of the interface are set on the side, including the power connector, cable interface, HDMI interface, USB interface, RESET button and AV interface, subject to the size of the whole machine, Lynx Box M16C Youku membership The interface is not rich, but it is enough for everyday use.

As the most important accessories, Lynx Box M16C Youku members enjoy the remote control using a minimalist 12-key design, rubber anti-slip buttons increase friction. In addition, the curvature of the back brings a more comfortable grip. In short, the sensitivity of the remote control is good, and the experience is very good. If we change to a Bluetooth remote control, we believe that the operating experience will be better.

In addition, Lynx Box M16C Youku member enjoy version also comes with a power adapter, HDMI HD cable, two AA batteries and user manual, etc., after the purchase of products can be used directly boot, do not need to purchase other accessories.

As a member of the “Box Guy,” the Lynx member M16C Youku member enjoys the gift version of the Youku membership card, and explains how to receive the membership. At the same time, attention is paid to the official WeChat of Tmall Box, and any problems encountered during use can be consulted at any time.

After the Rose Gold Family is completed, you can see what you want!

The above is Xiaobian to share for everyone the Lynx Box M16C Youku member enjoy edition out of the box evaluation: rose gold sparkling related content, enter the sofa forum, get more exciting information content! Fun smart TV (and box), all in the sofa network!

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