As long as a few centimeters with a projector to see the European Cup is called fun

How do you see the recent European Cup? Whether it is Germany, France, Belgium, or Portugal, it seems that this year's football in June has become the focus of all discussions.

In addition to watching the ball on the outside, many people choose to watch at home in the dead of night. However, besides the traditional way of watching TV, I believe many more experienced fans seem to enjoy using the projector. The shock brought by the ball.

However, not everyone can have enough space in the living room to use the projector, so Philips specifically launched this Screeneo Home short-throw projection device is ideal for families without prior basics.

The Screeneo Home HDP1590 smart projector can project 50 to 100 inches of footage on the wall in just a few centimeters, and it can meet all needs including speakers, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Miracast. DLNA, USB interface, and card readers are all available. In addition, this projector also has an Android system built in. It can directly run games and applications, and projects the images directly on the wall, which is extremely convenient.

Product parameters

Size: 28.7 x 33.8 x 14.7 centimeters;

Projection size: 50-100 inches;

Support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA;

The king of coal has just lost the Copa America for a hundred years. Let's take a look at how Ronaldo and Bell have gone further in the European arena with their awe-inspiring teammates surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium.

Way of purchase: United States Amazon

Reference price: 2480 US dollars (approximately 16487 yuan)

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