Comparison of audio and video transmission methods

There are two kinds of audio and video transmission: one is to use HDMI and other wires to transmit, and the other is to wirelessly transmit the content on the remote playback device to the TV or projector through the wireless video transmission. Are these two methods better or worse? People hold each word. After the comparison experience, I got the answer.
First, let's take a look at wired transmission with everyone. A wired transmission medium refers to a physical connection portion implemented between two communication devices that transmits signals from a playback device to a display device. Everyone knows how to connect the Blu-ray (computer) and TV (projector) with wires such as HDMI or VGA.
The wireless transmission method is very different from the above, wireless transmission does not require wiring, and the medium it transmits is microwave. But it needs to be realized by special equipment, that is, to realize the transmission of audio and video by means of wireless video transmitter. Generally, wireless video transmitters are divided into transmitters and receivers, transmitters are connected to computers (Blu-ray machines, etc.), and receivers are connected to televisions or projectors.

Based on the characteristics of the two transmission methods, we can see the shortcomings of wire transmission. Wire transmission, obviously the first thing to solve is the wiring problem. Try to think about it, if your projector is installed on the ceiling, is the wiring more difficult? You can't just hang a line directly? If you have a wireless video transmitter, many problems will be solved. The transmitter of the wireless video transmitter is connected to the playback device (computer), and the receiver is connected to the display device (projector).
After market research and analysis, the author found that with the development of wireless transmission technology, more and more people are keen on wireless transmission. Wireless transmission mainly has the following advantages: easy to use, plug and play, no need to install plug-ins; no wiring, low overall cost, more stable performance, only one-time investment, and wiring, decoration, maintenance is very troublesome.
Therefore, between the wired transmission and the wireless transmission of audio and video, I prefer to choose the wireless transmission mode, the transmission effect is good, and the use is convenient.

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