2016 Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition continues to heat up the light billion network scene is unprecedentedly hot

2016 Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition continues to heat up the light billion network scene is unprecedentedly hot

Release date: 2016-06-11 Source: Light billion network share:

On June 10th, the second day of the 21st Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the friends who participated in the exhibition must have a lot of gains. Of course, if you come to the exhibition, you will definitely feel the enthusiasm of the F48 booth in Hall 5.2 of the A-zone. The Chinese network library "Lianyi Net" does not matter to the scene. Xiaobian now takes you to feel their enthusiasm!


The Chinese network library "Lianyi Net" was in the market during the Guangya exhibition. The audience, manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers, engineering companies, design companies, etc., all expressed their strong interest in "Liangyi.com".


The "Lianyi Net" booth was extremely hot, and the visiting consultants continued, but the staff of "Yuanyi.com" was patiently and carefully explained for everyone.


The “Liangyi.com” exhibition was also concerned by the media in the same industry. Ms. Chen Yumei, President of China Lighting Network, visited the exhibition area and had a deep conversation with several founders of the Chinese network library “Yuanyi.com”.


At the same time, Mr. Ye Yongjin, the dean of the China Lighting Industry Original Design Institute, the authority of the lighting industry, also came to the booth of “Yuanyi.com” and the “Internet + Lighting” industry of China Net Library “Lianyi Net” The Internet platform model represents a great affirmation.

The Chinese network library "Lianyi Net" staff used people's fluent language to talk and explain to the international people from overseas. Overseas exhibitors expressed their interest in the emerging model of "Yuanyi.com" and hoped that "Liangyi.com" can Develop overseas markets as soon as possible, and win the blue ocean of the lighting industry together.

Label: 2016 Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition continues to heat up the light billion network scene unprecedentedly hot

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