Baidu shadow stick 3S depth evaluation features a comprehensive analysis

Compared to other brands, Skyworth performed frequently in 2015 and announced recently that it has partnered with Baidu to jointly launch this customized version of Baidu's 3S Skyworth video. This customized version of the box belongs to the top 3S of Baidu's video stick series. It has the most powerful hardware configuration at present, and now you can feel the difference between this customized version of Baidu's shadow stick 3S Skyworth and Xiaobian.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Customization continues the design of Baidu's shadow stick. The round shape with frosted texture makes it look very stable. The whole machine is full of weight. The main difference between Skyworth's customized version is the software, so there is not much difference in appearance from the Baidu Shadow Stick 3S.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Appearance

Interface configuration, and the ordinary version of Baidu 3S also has the same AV port, HDMI interface, cable interface, USB interface and power interface, will not be elaborated here.

Hardware Configuration
On the hardware side, Baidu's 3S Skyworth customized version uses the SOC of the amlogic S802. This SOC integrates a four-core Cortex-A9 CPU, clocked at up to 2.0GHz, and has good support for common video formats. In addition, the SOC integrates the Mali-450 eight-core graphics processor, which can support large-scale 3D game rendering at 4K resolution. The performance is very strong.

In addition, also equipped with 1G of DDR3 dual channel memory, 8GB of MLC flash memory, is regarded as the top configuration of the current Internet TV box. From the point of view of Ann Bunny's running, Baidu's 3S Skyworth custom version ran a high score of 30,637. Although the running points do not reflect the actual use of the equipment, they can still quantify the performance of the equipment to a large extent.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Running Points

From the perspective of running points, you can see that the Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth customized version of the run points is second only to the LG G3 with Xiaolong 801, which shows that its performance is powerful and it is easy to run all kinds of large-scale 3D games.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Run sub-rank

UI design
This section of Baidu film stick 3S Skyworth custom version and the biggest difference between the ordinary version is the software part. Adopted Skyworth's highly acclaimed depth custom Sky UI, which is more in line with the habit of using large-screen TVs. The overall style of the UI interface adopts the popular large icon design in the current TV UI. The entire interface is divided into my, recommendation, classification, market, application, and setting of six tab pages. The switching between the tabs is very simple and takes good care. The interactive habits of the TV remote control.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition My Interface

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth's recommended version of the customized version of the interface is mainly some of the user's personal drama information, including "history", "collection" and "chasing drama" and so on. In addition, there is a media center to manage storage space and external storage (such as U disk, etc.). As an additional service of Skyworth, the WeChat interaction function can be used for remote installation, remote control, and WeChat photo album. It is very practical.
After inserting the U disk, the media management option will be automatically ejected, eliminating the need to search for the media center in the main interface. Skyworth is very user-friendly in this regard.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Media Management Interface

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition File Management

Baidu shadow stick 3S Skyworth custom version recommended interface

The recommendation tab page is mainly recommended by various television dramas. You can also click on the "Favorites" function on the left side to view your viewing history, collection, or list of episodes.

The category tag carefully arranges the user's favorite content, including movies, 1080P, TV dramas, variety shows, animation, music, and education. Since Baidu's 3S Skyworth custom version uses the Mango TV license and film source, each category will be clicked to jump to the Mango TV interface.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Market Interface

The market tag page is Skyworth's own application market. It integrates the popular recommended apps and games of Skyworth's numerous box users. You can directly go to the app market to find more, or view the recent download rankings, or you can check the application or game update. And perform search operations.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Application Market

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Application

The application section shows the application program installed by the user. Of course, if the display is incomplete, the user can also search for all the applications, and the common software can also be fixed to this screen by selecting the top software in all the applications.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Settings Interface

The Settings tab contains common settings for the box, including network, display, audio, energy saving, one-click optimization, etc. It also allows you to change the background, view the local machine information, and perform system upgrades.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Energy Saving Settings

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition About This Machine

The name of the device can be set on the local device, and the ADB mode can also be selected. Only when the ADB mode is enabled can remote installation and screen capture functions be performed. Skyworth’s system defaults to this feature, and it is not necessary for ordinary users to open the device. Performing tedious operations is one of the humanized settings of Skyworth.

Other functions
In addition to video resources, Skyworth also provides us with many other useful features such as background changes, one-click optimization, weather forecasting, and more. It is worth mentioning that the Wechat interactive function

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Wechat Interactive

In the box interface, the "My" tab can enter the WeChat interactive function, as long as the mobile phone and the box are in the same WiFi, you can use the WeChat interactive function of the Skyworth box's official WeChat, enter the device code binding box, let the phone change As a remote control, control the box at any time. Wechat interactive function also has a remote installation APP, push screen album function.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Broadband Dialing

In addition, Skyworth has built a variety of practical apps, including broadband dialing, home hotspots, and more. Broadband dialing facilitates dial-up Internet access between users without routers at home, and home hotspots can directly change the customized version of Baidu 3D Skyworth into a small router to transmit WiFi signals for users to use.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition Shortcut Menu

In any main interface, pressing the directional keys in succession also brings up a shortcut menu. By default, there is one key to clean and network settings. After the external storage is connected, a U disk management will be added. A key optimization function will allow the box to clean up the memory and achieve the speedup effect.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Custom Edition One-click Optimization

to sum up:
Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Skyworth Customization Edition has little difference in appearance and hardware from Baidu Shadow Stick 3S Normal Edition. This box is very powerful in hardware performance and has strong support for large-scale games. The Mango TV is still used as a partner in terms of license and content.

In terms of software UI, Skyworth's customized version chose to collaborate with Skyworth, using the Sky UI that Skyworth has customized and optimized for TV users. It is easy to operate, and in-depth research is based on user habits in many details, enabling users to easily relax. Get started. UI interface is exquisite and simple, easy to switch between multiple tabs, shortcut menus and other designs have the icing on the cake.

Compared to the UI of the original Baidu film stick, its main interface features less, and the search function is more tedious. This version of Skyworth's customized version has greatly improved in the UI interaction and better played out the Baidu film stick. 3S's powerful hardware performance is very worth looking forward to.

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