The 7,000 yuan computer configuration released in October 2010

The computer configuration listed below is the computer configuration sheet (hereinafter referred to as "7000 yuan computer configuration") between 7000 yuan and 8000 yuan released before October 17, 2010. The 7000 yuan computer configuration is currently biased towards high-end computers. The price range is configured. Most of the processors are high-end quad-core processors and 1G memory graphics cards. They are mainly used by game enthusiasts or users with large application software or server requirements. At present, many families or individuals with better economic conditions buy high-end products. As a combination of home theater and large-scale game entertainment, the overall performance of the computer is very good, but the price is indeed high, and the practicality is not strong for the people.

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7000 yuan computer configuration < 7000-8000 yuan price area>
>> 7000 yuan flame war God game player loves luxury crazy game configuration
>> i5 platform 7666 high-end price-performance game configuration 2010-10-12
>> National Day 7000 yuan Core i5 take HD5830 high-end gaming computer configuration 2010-09-28
>> i7 take GTX460 high-end balanced game computer configuration only 7500 yuan 2010-09-18
>> 7000 yuan high performance balanced high-end computer configuration recommended 2010-09-11
>> 7000 yuan mainstream i5 platform alone cost-effective gaming computer configuration
>> 7400 yuan mainstream i5 take high-end discrete graphics HD video entertainment computer configuration recommended 2010-09-04
>> 7000 yuan 2010 latest mainstream game computer configuration list recommended
>> 7600 yuan crazy game HD video and audio all-around assembly computer configuration recommended
>> 7500 yuan crazy game, audio and video entertainment assembly computer configuration list
>> 7000 yuan or so intel i5 tower graphics card cost-effective game model computer configuration list
>> 2010 Mid-Autumn Festival Intel computer configuration single Daquan (below)
>> 2010 Mid-Autumn Festival AMD computer configuration single Daquan (on) 2010-09-22
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The time period for the computer configuration released above is mainly the recommended configuration released between June and October 12. From this we can see that the computer configuration of 7000 yuan is mainly positioned as a computer with high requirements such as high-end games. And most consumers are also high-consumption people, the proportion of computer Pepsinet recommended is also relatively small, the most recommended is the current computer configuration of the consumption power level of 3,000 yuan and 4,000 yuan.

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