Guzhen Lighting Fair and LED Opening Ceremony (Photos)

On October 18th, 2010, the 9th Guzhen Lighting Fair and LED Lighting Application Exhibition was grandly opened in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, which is known as the “China Light Capital”. The Light Expo will launch a variety of exciting exhibitions in the Guzhen Lighting Plaza.

With the theme of “Let the lights be brighter and the lights are greener”, this year's Light Fair will launch the LED application exhibition in time, combining traditional lighting with high-tech, low-energy LEDs. It is understood that LED application exhibitions accounted for 30% of the total, and the exhibition area doubled compared with last year's LED Display area. Focusing on the LED lighting industry, this year's Light Expo will focus on cultivating the LED emerging lighting industry and creating an international LED CIT Y.

2010 Ninth Ancient Town Lighting Fair and LED Application Opening Ceremony

As the famous town of the Pearl River Delta, the town is aimed at the Canton Fair market. With the help of the Canton Fair, the Dongfeng has expanded the domestic and international influence of the Fair. According to statistics, this year's Light Expo has slightly increased in the number of exhibitors, booths and exhibition area, but the overall situation has remained basically stable. Among them, 603 exhibitors, the number of booths reserved is 2,250, and the exhibition area is 20,281 square meters. In order to attract more high-quality merchants from the Canton Fair to visit and purchase at the venue, the Fair has opened a free through train to solve the travel problems of the Canton Fair merchants in the Jinhan Exhibition Center and the Guzhen Lighting Plaza. Canton Fair merchants can more easily and quickly arrive at the venue to visit and purchase.

Welcome letter from Xue Xiaofeng, deputy secretary of the Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee

Speech by Chen Yansheng, Chairman of China Lighting Association

In addition, the focus of this year's Light Expo is the official opening of the Guzhen Lighting Price Index. The Guzhen Lighting Price Index is based on the production and management enterprises in the ancient town as the price data mining unit, which is conducive to giving play to the advantages of the lighting industry cluster in Guzhen. At the same time, as a professional lighting town, Guzhen, the opening of its lighting price index will further regulate the lighting market, which is conducive to the structural adjustment of the lighting industry and accelerate the transformation of local lighting and economic development.

Guzhen Lighting Price Index Sampling Company Awarding

Guzhen Lighting Price Index Release Ceremony

Representatives of famous trademark enterprises in Guangdong Province receive awards

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