Oculus game recommendation: 5 VR games sold for $100

It is believed that all Oculus players already have the two masterpieces “Eve: Valkyrie” (EVE: Valkyrie) and “Lucky's Tale” (Laughter's story) that are included in the book. VR games are certainly not addictive - we have specifically integrated a list of VR games for the Prince to choose from: all add up to only $ 100. Oculus players also note that some of the games on the list also have Gear VR, so skip it if you have already experienced it on Gear. There is no doubt that those games that are less than $25 now are all transplants from Gear VR or Steam, but rest assured they will still appear in the list below.

Not to mention nonsense, let's take a look at the game works on this list:

Chronos (Cronus) - $49.99 (RMB325)

In this list, the brunt of the "Kronos" produced by the Gunfire Games studio will be the first player to take a journey through the complicated maze world to bring peace to their homeland. Two weeks ago we had contacted the work at the Global Game Developers Conference (GDC): As a difficult RPG game, it has a beautiful picture and a similar battle system. The fans of "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" can surely find many shadows in this game: the young protagonist has a sword, a shield and adventures In the world. However, the game mechanism of "Kronos" is far from "The Legend of Zelda": in "Kronos," the more you die, the older your character will be, and the more you will have it, It is the change of the character's ability: This is a natural difficulty adjustment. Although Kronos’ 50-dollar pricing stand out on our $100 list, I believe it will take up to 10-12 hours of gaming time and immersive experiences.

Darknet (Black Network) - $9.99 (RMB 65)

From the 2013 Oculus initial developer version, "Black Network" has finally been available on the Samsung Gear VR Mall for several years - free time. Game developer E. McNeil (E. McNeil) said that this move was to commemorate its historical significance as the first full VR game in GEAr VR Mall, and as a gift to those early VR fans. "Black Network" will bring you the pleasure of "blacking out Gibson" (Jeepson, a super computer in the 1995 American film "Hacker").

In this cyberpunk-style game, your mission is to get into the enemy's fleet - more inspired by similar themes like 1995's "The Very Spies." You will have a series of hacking weapons to attack and infect your target. These weapons include the use of violence to attack a single host to the use of viruses to attack a fleet. As a game that is priced at $10, Blacknet is worth the money: it has a strategic game experience and engaging visual effects, and it does not commit a fatal mistake of over-promising and poor finished products.

Windlands (Wind of the Wind) - $19.99 (RMB 130)

With two grapples in your hand, you climb on the cliff and walk through the trees; wind blows, you don't reach the bushes, and the dangerous mountain top is the only anchor you have left; Slowly falling from the air like a leaf, but also cursing like a sailor.

After having contacted Windland, we finally understood why developers Psytec Games did not write books for this $20 exploration game. There are countless levels in the game and players can spend a lot of time researching. The perfect customs clearance method for each level. Insert the phrase, "Wind of the Wind" can already be played on the developer version of HTCVive and Oculus Rift by StEAm "preemptive experience" function, so we do not recommend that players who have already experienced the game make secondary purchases at Oculus Mall. , but new players must not miss this sleek exploration game. Of course, you can also pin your hopes on the version update of Oculus Home.

"DrEAdhalls" - $9.99 (RMB 65)

When you wake up in a stenky dungeon, you find that you need to go through a flock of terrible and unknown creatures to escape the heavens; you have only the flickering oil lamps around you, and you have to find defenseless ways out of this group of monsters. No weapons, no shields, nothing. Well, you may not be upset about this type of horror game, but don't rush to move Horror Hall out of your shopping cart: This first-person Dungeon escape game may become the new favorite for your party - think Want to see those guests who are not prepared to be frightened and horrified by it!

As a Gear VR platform game, Horror Hall will land on the Oculus Rift sooner or later: Its location tracking feature is a perfect match for this first-person escape game. Whether you want to use it to scare guests or scare yourself, this $10 game will not live up to your expectations.

DEAd Secret - $ 14.99 (RMB 98)

A horror game is not enough? The following game must also meet your requirements. "Death Secret" is a first-person suspense horror game which is performed by Robot Invader Studio. It is well-adapted to VR and will definitely keep you in the game. Walking through the crime scene, deciphering clues, taking down notes, and exploring the dead in Kansas's 1965 farmhouse to reveal the cause of death... all this affects the heart of the player.

Well, we ended up slightly surpassing the 100-dollar budget - plus "The Secret of Death." The total game price on this list will be $104.95, but this 6 to 8-hour horror game will Its PC and Oculus version of the lighting effects and texture details are reflected most vividly, players also have to make good use of the location tracking system to find clues. The PC and Oculus versions of the "Death of Secrets" are currently on the StEAm platform, but players who purchase through the Oculus Mall can conveniently and directly organize the game to the Oculus Rift.

Other news

Although Virtual Desktop is currently not on the Oculus Mall for some undisclosed reasons (such as being unable to support Windows 7 systems), Virtual Desktop can be said to be not when playing games, watching movies, or using streaming video services. The second partner - more directly, anything you can do on your computer can be done on your VR device through an adjustable window. Virtual Desktop is currently on the StEAm platform and supports both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. We currently do not know the price of this app, so it is not included in our list of VR games.

On the issue of compatibility, Luckey wrote on Twitter yesterday that any unconsolidated SDK version 1.3 or later downloaded from Oculus Share or any other place cannot be used normally. Before the developers individually upgrade their demo content, booked players can only dig into those paid game content. Those who support Oculus's StEAm platform games do the same - after all, there is currently no guarantee that all games will be upgraded on the day of the launch.

If our list is not your cup of tea, then the starting lineup with 30 great titles must be enough to meet your requirements: Fill your shopping cart and start your VR journey!

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