Konka 36-year old Anniversary KKTV pushes up new low-cost TVs

May 21st was the 36th birthday since Konka was established. Konka has launched the “Konja 36th Anniversary Birthday Benefit” campaign on May 16th to 22nd on the e-commerce platforms of JD.com, Suning.com, Tmall, and Gome.com. Not only TV hardware special offers, but also free feedback. See event details

KKTV, which is Konka's Internet TV brand, will also launch the new model K55J1, which will give consumers a strong configuration and ultra-low price.

KKTV K55J1 has invited Red Star and Red Dot award-winning teams to design their designs. Light champagne gold color makes the whole machine more noble. The ultra-thin black border creates a visually frameless feel.

KKTV K55J1 has a 55-inch large screen, equipped with an 8-core chip, 4G memory, to ensure that the TV runs smoothly.

The system, KKTV K55J1 equipped with Konka's YIUI Yi grape 3.5 control system for users to quickly get started.

In terms of content, KKTV has conducted in-depth cooperation with Hua Digital TV and Youku Video, including massive video resources, whether it is sports events or all the wonderful movies.

At present, this new product has opened an appointment in the Jingdong Mall KKTV flagship store, 5.21 days zero to 2499 yuan of the best price to open looting, the top 1000 orders to another user by 300 yuan, equivalent to 2199 yuan you can buy a 55-inch large TV.


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