Hand in hand Huawei glory play homemade content Youku march into VR How to play?

On May 11th in Shanghai, at 7:40 in the evening, Youku's "Fantastic Night" unveiled the curtain in the "Sweet Honey" of VR version "Teresa".

Youku Wonderful Night

Under the staggered lights, the scene's carousel, unicorn, and foreign bartender shuttled to the venue... all give people a sense of fantasy. This is the atmosphere created by Youku for VR. For this reason, youku has chosen to hold a press conference for the first time in the past 10 years.

Until now, Li Jie, a senior vice president of United First Group, remembers the excitement of VR by two years ago: "In the same way as the devil," he introduces himself to virtual reality technology (VR). "It must be the future. I must start again. VR."

Low-key preparation for more than two years, Youku's VR layout finally appeared. When Gu Yongyi took the cultural shirt to the stage to speak, excited as a child. “After the establishment of Youku, we foresaw the era of single-screen to multi-screen, and 10 years later, at the 2015 Eco-conference, I said that we will enter a full-screen, screenless era. Now, single-screen, multi-screen, and technology The change of content has reached a critical point, and the VR era has begun."

At the conference site, Youku not only produced some self-made contents such as “Black Fairy Tales”, but also announced the establishment of a 100 billion VR fund and cooperation with Huawei’s glory. In the post-meeting media group interview, Gu Yongyi answered three key issues for Youku to enter the VR field. Compared with other players in the VR field, where will Youku's VR come in, how do you choose a partner and how will you realize it?

Where to cut into the VR market: copyright purchase + combined + homemade

At present, there are two main directions for domestic VR startup companies. One is hardware and the other is content. At the earliest, Youku had been involved in hardware and content when he entered VR, but in the end he chose to cut directly from the content.

Li Jie recalled: “We have discussed this Vkoo and we have been aware that the hardware industry is irrational. We feel that the market is irrational. When it is irrational, you are entering this industry and it is terrible. Faster and faster, and the hardware itself is relatively heavy.” As of now, Youku has signed with 80% of the domestic VR content production team, and has more than 50 overseas strategic partners.

Compared to the way of copyright procurement many years ago, Youku is entering the market with a "homemade" attitude. In Gu Yongjun's view, compared to the video era 10 years ago, Youku entered the homemade time node of VR content much earlier, which is related to changes in the entire industry. "Recall that video sites 10 years ago did not become self-control until 2009. The system was only implemented in the last year or two. It is almost impossible to imagine that Wang Han and Meng Fei were doing network variety on our platform two years ago. But at the beginning of VR, from last year to this year, all the stars, he himself can not be achieved on other platforms, they are willing to cooperate with us after seeing Youku's technology and ideas."

On the day of the conference, Wei Ming, Senior Vice President of United First Group, introduced the current progress of homemade content in Youku in variety shows, music, documentaries, and live broadcasts:

VR Variety Arts: Variety Programs such as Mars Intelligence Bureau, Extreme Challenge, National Girl, and Kangxi.

VR music: Shang Wenxin's latest music videos, TFboys MV, Bigbang MV, Edison's extraterrestrial companion MV and more.

VR live broadcast: Yu Minhong's "Hong Ge Meng You Ji" and "Challenges Impossible" such as climbing the Everest VR content.

In terms of short story films, Youku also highlighted the first VR short film “Black Fairy Tales” jointly produced by Digital Kingdom and Huang Xiaoming Yixing Media. Huang Xiaoming and Ma Sichun will play the leading roles in this film.

Next, the three parties announced that they will launch "100 VR Video Call Projects" and "Director and Related Public Training Programs" and set up fund pools to incubate more VR IPs. In the future, Youku will continue to explore the field of documentary VR. It is expected that there will be more than 10 high-quality VR documentaries produced this year.

In addition, Youku also reached an agreement with Hollywood's six major movie companies including Lions Gate. Introduced the VR versions of IPs such as "The Hunger Games" and "Divers", and also reached cooperation with digital realms, Reload Studio, Filmakademie, etc., which focused on VR, and demonstrated "Raven" and animations about the exploration of the human galaxy due to environmental problems. Short films such as "The Monkey King" and "Sona," which reproduces the asteroid's exploration of asteroid caves, and a series of VR dramas. Currently, Youku has fully covered 70% of Sundance Film Festival's narrative VR content.

How to choose partners: Please come to HTC and Huawei platforms to build VR ecology

In the post-meeting exchange, Koo Yong-hyun used a very vivid metaphor to describe the current status of Youku in the field of VR: "Unlike the video site access industry of 10 years ago, it was a grassroots startup and it was now a local tyrant. Starting a business, we don't come back like we did in the past, and we don't rule out the idea of ​​capitalizing on small VR companies to grow quickly."

The performance of the most local tyrants is more than the capital reserve for VR. Youku announced that it has reached an agreement with Huayan Capital to establish an early-stage fund focused on VR/AR technology with a scale of 10 billion. Of course, in addition to money, Youku's partners in the VR field are quite "local tyrants," including Huawei mobile phones.

In cooperation with Huawei, Youku is optimistic about the potential of the future mobile VR market. The V8 flagship model released this year by Huawei Glory is the top-end mobile phone that supports 2K screen, and will bring more technical support to VR. Youku will send 800-900 million V8 mobile phones together with Huawei. This is equivalent to doing a VR hardware popularization work for the entire market. Through the benchmark threshold of this mobile VR device, Youku intends to achieve the goal of occupying the mobile VR portal in the shortest possible time.

Li Jie said that this is equivalent to the smartphone just launched the market, everyone laments all kinds of new features, the future, everyone will say when they say hello, your phone without VR features? If the mobile phone does not support VR content in the future, it may not be able to sell it, and here, it is equipped with Youku's VR content.

In addition to cooperation with Huawei, Youku also reached cooperation with HTC. On the evening, Wang Congqing, general manager of HTC VR China, introduced HTC's latest VR equipment.

In the long list of cooperation of Youku VR, it also includes many foreign VR and AR companies. In order to go deep into the overseas VR market, Gu Yongsheng even made major adjustments to the personnel of Youku Group and dispatched Wei Mingwai to the United States. "Alibaba and Google are investing in a US advanced AR company."

With these partners, a VR ecosystem has slowly taken shape. This system mainly includes five major elements:

1. Shoot. 30 programs used 16 to 17 shooting teams. These shooting teams used almost all of the world's most popular VR shooting teams, including Sony.

2. Content. In the future, VR homemade content will be released one after another.

3. Platform. Play platform, application store, SDK/API system. I hope all VR shooting devices can easily use Youku for uploading, sharing, Youku watching and playing.

4. Play. VR can be played in products that have been released successively with HTC and Huawei Glory.

5. Realize. The advertisement sharing, hardware sharing, and Youku member charge system will be opened.

Through this collaborative and open ecosystem, Youku’s goal is to become China’s largest VR content application platform in 1 year, and 30 million people can use VR platform to view VR content.

How to realize: hardware sharing + advertising revenue + offline experience

Even with such a luxurious list of partners, Youku's involvement in VR is facing the same ultimate problem as other companies: how to make money? Will video sites go into VR to repeat the mistakes of burning money?

In Koo Young’s view, the realisation of VR is obviously much more optimistic for video websites. "Now that we have changed the point of time, we can make up our mind to do VR entrepreneurship. The fundamental idea lies in our diversified liquidity. VR user revenue is different from ten years ago. Apart from the basic content, users are immersed in the environment. The additional experience, this is where they are willing to pay, to make this income first."

In fact, currently in Youku's plan, there are two main ways of VR, one is toB mode advertisement sharing and the content sharing mode built-in hardware, and the other is toC mode experience charging.

In the next two months, the core of Youku VR will release a business partner cash-out plan, which includes both the glory-watching plan for providing equipment and sharing, the sharing of VR advertisements, and the cooperation based on VR e-commerce marketing. After privatization, Youku is behind Alibaba Group. With the advantages of Alibaba's shopping malls and e-commerce, we can help our hardware manufacturers sell their equipment faster. We also hope to interact with home entertainment, experience centers, and mobile live broadcasts. In the scene, more business monetization patterns were created, allowing Youku's content producers and hardware manufacturers to earn their first pot of gold.

Simply put, hardware partitioning is equivalent to embedding Youku's VR content into hardware devices. When the hardware is sold, it can be divided into a part of the content; and for the user's part, such as a 30-minute VR video, the monetization mode can be Divided into two types. First, the user can pay for viewing this video; the second is that the user can watch for free, but the premise is that you must look for a few minutes of advertising, this time is a pure advertising fee model.

More importantly, the future of Youku's membership system will also open up with VR, although the timetable for this program has not yet been determined, but Youku said that the future will introduce independent VR members.

Gu Yongsheng even believes that VR may have a membership mode, or even a membership mode, from the first day of production. Even the member's hardware is free, and the content is charged. "Mobile VR is a certain amount of quality. There will definitely be VR members. You don't buy VR membership packages. Good things can't be seen. We have some things that are widely available for everyone to experience, but high quality, some of them include Something imported from overseas must be charged."

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