Cool open 50K2 first look, a lot of highlights are not ordinary

With the opportunity to open up K2's new launch promotions, it was fortunate to have grabbed a new K2 – 50K2. Now that the product has arrived at home, we will share with you the features and highlights of the K2 series.

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50K2's packaging is meticulous, accessories are complete, and TV and accessories are protected.

Because the product is relatively light, only 16 kilograms, and the installation of the accessories are very simple, the humanized design of the defensive buckle, high-strength washer protection screws and other details are done in place. Ordinary consumers, one can complete the fixed installation of the base.

The overall TV installation looks simple and elegant. It can be used for living room furnishings with different decoration styles. It looks very harmonious with the home environment.

In the exterior design, K2 uses an integrated body design, continues the cool open consistently bright narrow edge design, using high-gloss steam mold injection molding, not only the strength is guaranteed, but also can be seen in the frameless view Shadow enjoyment.

Not only the border is narrow, but also the thickness of the TV is very thin. Let TV look very spirited. According to reports, Cool open 50K2 uses a 50-inch Innolux 1920-1080 resolution screen, brightness 300 nits, the corresponding time 9ms, refresh rate 120Hz. The honeycomb matrix backlight, the lamp beads are evenly distributed on the back of the TV, the brightness of the lamp beads can be adjusted according to the brightness of the TV screen, and the heat is evenly distributed, thereby reducing the performance of light leakage.

Cool open 50K2 TV back design multi-row heat sink, providing good protection for internal chip heat dissipation, even for a long time to maintain a good temperature.

In addition to the cooling holes, CoolTV 50K2 integrated TV back cover also adopts an angled design concept and has a TV interface. This has the advantage of reducing the clutter caused by the interface cables and the back gaps that are forced to remain, thus making the overall television more neat. In terms of interfaces, K2 has two USB 2.0, two HDMI 2.0, two AV interfaces, one LAN interface, and one RF interface. In particular, the RF interface can accept analog signals, taking into account different usage conditions throughout the country.

An iconic design of the K2 series is the rose gold bottom border trim and rose gold base design. Rose gold is a popular fashion color today. The concept of rose gold was first introduced by Apple's mobile phone, which made it popular. We see that many digital products use this color element.

The shape design of the base is also unique, taking into account the visual lightness and the firmness of the physical and mechanical principles. It looks firm on the side, but it is visually very light on the front.

The uniquely enchanting rose gold trim and rose gold base design add a touch of elegance to the calm and cool TV, with a more stylish feel.

The first thing that comes into view is the cool logo, which is very kind.

The 50K2 is equipped with a Coolopen 5.0 system, which is the system's default.

K2 supports wireless wifi connection, select wifi network, enter the password, you can achieve a network connection.

Cool open system also supports user login. Among them, it also supports QQ account login, users can use mobile phone scanning to achieve quick login. Due to the strategic cooperation between CoolOpen and Tencent Video, this will make it easier for future highlights.

Cool open K2 desktop interface uses smart TV mainstream horizontal control method, the icon is simple and intuitive, the interface is relatively clean, remote control is very simple, installed software and games in the "my application" and "my game". The entire interface also supports user-defined customization.

Next, look at the TV's hardware configuration. K2 has been comprehensively upgraded in hardware configuration, equipped with 8G large memory, 64-bit A53 4K processor 1.5G frequency, H.265 10bit video decoding technology, with powerful hardware performance, truly reflects the same price, Double-performance "life economics" concept.
You watch, when you get started with this TV, don't forget to read the tutorial: Cool TV 50K2 Installation Method Install a sofa butler to implement third-party application extensions.

OK, the open-box installation and actual experience of Kukai 50K2 is roughly the same. Regarding the use of television systems and content, the follow-up will continue to be shared with you. Finally, to remind everyone that, now, cool Kai K2 promotional praise back call activity is ongoing, and interested friends also quickly go to cool open official website to buy it!

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