Wireless charging standard warfare upgrade, WPC vs. A4WP

Recently, WPC (Wireless Power ConsorTIum) held a summit forum in Taiwan, which attracted the participation of first-tier technology companies at home and abroad. From semiconductors, measurement, system integration, etc., almost all employees arrived. The industry is probably very clear. In terms of the three camps of wireless charging, compared with PMA and A4WP, WPC is the most clear specification and the largest shipment of related specifications. Although PMA and A4WP announced an alliance last year, it seems that Does not damage the momentum of the WPC camp.

In a recent interview with the media, Meno Treffers, chairman of the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance, said that WPC will strive to develop magnetic resonance technology to enhance the convenience of consumers in wireless charging. Following this argument, it is also the POWER BY PROXI of the WPC camp, which is based on the development of WPC technology in magnetic resonance. Fady Mishriki, co-founder and senior vice president of POWER BY PROXI, said that from Samsung's latest flagship phone S6, the WPC standard is also adopted. It is not difficult to see that WPC has a fairly solid foundation, but the problem is how can we make Is wireless charging technology better? Such as higher power output or non-planar charging, this is the direction we can think about, but only if it is in line with efficiency, compliance with safety and electromagnetic interference regulations.

Wireless charging standard warfare upgrade, WPC vs. A4WP

It is now certain that WPC is already developing magnetic resonance technology, which means that the competition between WPC and A4WP will become even more intense. Fady Mishriki believes that the combination of PMA and A4WP does not mean that it can become a market leader. It depends on the performance of market terminals and the formulation of specifications, which is more convincing. WPC has set up a working group for magnetic resonance technology, including well-known first-line manufacturers such as HTC, TI, NOKIA, Qualcomm, IDT and MediaTek. The team has passed the draft at the end of January this year, related hardware specifications and efficiency. And expansion, etc., have been taken into account.

Fady Mishriki said that the current WPC MRI team's PCB coil design has achieved quite good results, which can reach 67%. If the copper wire is changed, it is believed that the efficiency can be further increased to 10 to 15%. In terms of compatibility, it is expected to be compatible with the Qi 1.1 version, and specific standards will be available in the second half of this year. As for the pros and cons of the WPC version compared to the A4WP standard? Fady Mishriki said with confidence that he can definitely win A4WP in all aspects. He also predicted that after the specifications are in place, next year, semiconductor members will see relevant solutions.

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