Talking about the Design of Intelligent Lighting Control System in Metro Station

With the improvement of living standards, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for the environment are getting higher and higher. At present, the station lighting system in rail transit is directly related to the passenger comfort of the passengers, and how to reduce the operating costs, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of "energy saving and emission reduction".

1 Classification and control of lighting in subway stations

Depending on the area, the normal lighting of the subway station is divided into equipment area lighting and public area lighting (including entrance and exit lighting). The equipment area lighting is generally controlled by a rocker switch set at the door of the room.

For a large room, when there are many lamps, it is controlled by double, triple, quadruple switch or multiple switches. Since the equipment room of the subway only allows authorized personnel to enter, it is basically possible to enable people to turn on the lights, and the people run out of the lights.

For the public area, to ensure the illumination effect such as certain illumination and uniformity, and to control the number of long-lighting lights, it is necessary to build complex distribution lines by increasing the loop of the lighting distribution box and performing cross-wiring. The power saving function is realized by controlling the lighting circuit.

2 Lighting requirements for public areas of metro stations

Provide a comfortable lighting environment for the majority of passengers, making the lighting humane;

Through reasonable management, the lamps are turned on at the required time and area to optimize energy utilization;

Set up a lighting control system that is easy to operate and manage, flexible, and inexpensive to maintain.

3 lighting control design of traditional metro station

The lighting in the public area of ​​the platform mainly includes normal lighting and evacuation lighting. The normal lighting consists of two parts: basic lighting and superimposed lighting, each accounting for about 50% of the total normal lighting capacity. Under normal conditions, the evacuation lighting is set as part of the basic lighting.

In the traditional lighting control system, the lighting in the public area of ​​the station is distributed through two types of lighting distribution boxes (basic lighting distribution box and superimposed lighting distribution box), and is carried out through the equipment management system (referred to as BAS system). Control: At the peak of operation, all open; after the peak of operation, the superimposed lighting can be turned off, and the basic lighting and evacuation lighting are used as the public area lighting; after the end of the operation, all the basic lighting can be turned off as needed, and the evacuation lighting is used as the public area and Security lighting.

The normal lighting of the public area of ​​the station is controlled locally by the lighting distribution room, and is centrally controlled and remotely monitored by the BAS system located in the comprehensive control room of the station. According to the time period (how much passenger flow), the lamps are controlled in sections, and the full-bright, partial-bright, and all-bright controls are performed to achieve relative energy-saving control.

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