Unmanned cars can go the night: you can drive black without turning on the lights.

Driverless cars are making full progress. Ford's Fusion driverless car for research purposes is now ready to travel in a completely dark environment.

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With 3D maps and lidars, Ford's driverless cars recognize the environment in complete darkness. The 3D map provides more information about the condition of the road, including road signs and terrain. Lidar can actively transmit signals and measure the distance between itself and the obstacles, so that the driverless car knows that it is at a specific location on the map.

Using infrared-enhanced glasses, Ford engineers observed the operation of the car. Currently, Ford's test is limited to the Arizona test site. Testing without turning on the lights on public roads is likely to be illegal.

When the car's headlights suddenly turn off, the night vision function of the driverless car will bring important help. For ordinary drivers, driving in the dark can be stressful. However, in densely populated areas, such technology will help solve the problem of light pollution.

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