LED creative potted lamp that can replace sunlight

What if I want to plant a pot in a room without a balcony and no windows? German creative design studio WeLove Eames designed a potted plant, not a table lamp. The product, called Mygdal Plantlamp, combines potted plants and table lamps, planting green plants in a table lamp, and providing the pot with the light source needed for photosynthesis.

Mygdal Plantlamp is divided into hanging lamp and table lamp. LED is used as the light source. The surface of the lampshade is coated with a special invisible conductive coating, so even without the wire link, the led lamp can be used to replace the sunlight for green plant growth. In this glass lamp is a small circulation system, the inventor said that even without watering and sunlight, the green plant can survive for several years.

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