Strong alliance in the field of urban clouds

Strong alliance in the field of urban clouds

The IT circle at the end of 2015 is really not lonely! The first day of the winter solstice was bought by the Tai Chi Pound acquisition. After four days of Christmas Eve, it was overwhelmed by cooperation between Huawei and iSoftStone. On the surface, one case is acquisition, and one case is cooperation. However, the goals all point to the cloud computing market.

There are many stories in this circle. On the contrary, it seems that they have poor memory. It is recalled that at the end of July this year, Huawei had just released its own enterprise cloud strategy and will provide enterprise cloud service solutions for companies in vertical industries such as finance, parks, cities, public services, and software development. At that time, based on the industry's division of mind, Huawei had several possible partners for the countermark, and this smart city had heard that iSoftStone had negotiated cooperation with Huawei Enterprise Cloud. Personally, it was only a matter of time before landing. The action was so fast.

Complementary advantages of hardware and software, or cited the “strong earthquake” in the urban cloud service market

For the two different market behaviors of acquisition and cooperation, individuals prefer cooperation for the sake of market economy and industrial development. In this era of efficiency, the two parties to the cooperation can directly obtain the necessary, and then make up for the lack of resources. It is not necessary to spend resources to integrate overlapping functions and productivity departments of the company, and achieve the fastest and most efficient 1+1>2. . On the contrary, the ultimate of acquisition is the formation of monopoly, which is not a healthy form of any industry.

This cooperation between Huawei Enterprise Cloud and iSoftStone is two companies that are in the upper reaches of the cloud service industry chain. While doing what they are good at, they have naturally reached cooperation. This is not only a win-win situation, but for those who are looking for the best cloud services, they are the big winners who will ultimately benefit from this cooperation.

As far as Huawei is concerned, since entering the cloud computing field in 2009, five R&D centers focused on cloud computing have been deployed globally, and more than 10,000 R&D personnel have accumulated rich technology and created high flexibility and low latency. Enterprise-class IaaS capabilities such as high reliability.

In terms of iSoftStone, software and consulting services started. Through the innovative IT service model of “software + services”, more than ten years of time have accumulated profound vertical industry service experience in many industries, and SaaS service capabilities have continuously improved.

We already know that after entering the enterprise cloud service market, Huawei has focused on the construction of cloud infrastructure. It has consistently adhered to the strategy of being "integrated" and has demonstrated strong cooperation with partners in industrial application development, market expansion and customer service. The support ability, which also won the trust and respect of partners including iSoftStone.

With Huawei's open cloud technology framework, iSoftStone can not only improve the development efficiency of its own applications, but also realize the smooth evolution and migration of multiple cloud platforms, and improve its layout in the enterprise, industry, and smart cities. To further strengthen and enhance its SaaS service capabilities, it is also possible to build an open and coordinated urban cloud service industry chain together with Huawei to promote the healthy development of the urban cloud service industry chain. From this perspective, the cooperation between the two parties is of great significance and will even agitate the pulse of the entire urban cloud market.

A soft-hard, hard-soft combination, the cooperation between the two parties can be said to complement the advantages of IaaS and SaaS. As a result, Huawei's cloud and iSoftStone demand each other's strengths, and it will be a matter of course that deeper cooperation will take place in the future.

Cooperation accelerates the construction of smart cities in China

By the way, there is also a particularly interesting phenomenon that cannot but be said. I do not know whether it is a coincidence or whether the parties are interested in it.

Just two days ago, the Central City Work Conference had just ended in Beijing. The cooperation between Huawei and iSoftStone was achieved at this time, and it was a special occasion. It should be noted that this Central City Working Conference is the highest-profile city meeting held for the first time since 1978. The meeting specifically pointed out that it is necessary to scientifically plan the "growth coordinates" of cities, enhance the level of planning, enhance the scientific and authoritative nature of urban planning, strengthen public management of cities, and strive to build smart cities. After 37 years, in the context of the Internet+, this city work conference has pointed out the direction for how to lay out the top-level design for future urban development.

Obviously, the construction of smart cities will be the key area for the “flowering result” of cooperation between Huawei and iSoftStone, and this urban work conference will be the commanding point of policy and points out the direction for companies including Huawei and iSoftStone. For those companies that are interested in building smart cities, as well as companies that promote the development of smart cities, we will insert "wings of heaven."

In recent years, iSoftStone has launched a smart city strategic layout in more than 80 cities across the country with the concept of “Smart City First, Focus on Livelihood, Harmony and Win-win”. iSoftStone's smart city services cover the entire process from basic design of smart cities to smart city public information service platforms, and focus on the development of smart cities in industrial applications, urban governance, and people's livelihood services. , get a lot of praise.

We can foresee that the cooperation with Huawei Cloud will help iSoftStone improve the R&D and innovation efficiency of various applications in smart cities, improve end-to-end capabilities, and improve the application of various applications to urban industrial development, urban governance, and people's livelihood services. Support and coordinated development will promote the development of the regional economy, enhance the sustainable development and innovation of government management, decision-making, and service, and at the same time improve the quality of life of the people and increase the happiness index.

The cooperation between Huawei and iSoftStone can actually be traced back to 10 years ago. The two companies once again joined hands in enterprise cloud services, based on their rich experience and experience in cooperation, and the complementary advantages in the cloud service industry chain. It will trigger a "strong earthquake" in the urban cloud service market. In fact, as the "individuals" in the city, we may not pay too much attention to cooperation between Huawei and iSoftStone, and it will bring about much improvement in performance for both parties. We are more concerned with the cooperation between Huawei and iSoftStone. How many wonderful changes can be brought about in our lives, and how much better the welfare of urban residents can be. On this basis, we will expect more far-reaching cooperation between the two sides and look forward to a better city life.

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