Everything for Safety — TerraMaster Tema D2-310 RAID Disk Array Unpacking

During the university, the computer teacher asked us a question with great interest. This issue has left us fresh in our memory. He said that what computer we are in contact with is the most valuable? Some people say that CPU, some people say memory, others say it is the motherboard, but no one is in line with the teacher's mind. In the end, the teacher told us the answer with earnest attention. The most valuable is the data, the data is priceless, and there are many precious records (such as the big sister) that can't be retrieved if it is lost. . .

Speaking for a long time, I got into the subject and actually did a lot of homework before I lost my home. I have been struggling with NAS and DAS. Considering that the NAS has relatively high requirements for network equipment and I use it on a stand-alone basis, I finally chose iron. Weimar D2-310.

Tea East's mobile phone is 100 points less than the single one.

Product unpacking:

Machine body and accessory package, and another two WD red disks for storage disks

LOGO on the body

Two hard disk positions, the left is the switch button power indicator and hard disk work status lights

The rear part of the machine can see the cooling fan position, which can ensure the long-term operation of the hard disk in the DAS. The top of the heat sink is a reset hole from top to bottom, RAID0/RAID1 mode conversion knob, TYPE-C interface, and external power connector

RAID0/RAID1 mode conversion knob, through the mode switch knob, the user can easily convert the storage mode.

Although the body aluminum package, but does not affect the body heat, because it has a large fan at the tail, you can forcibly discharge the heat, there are cooling holes at the bottom, the overall heat dissipation should not be much problem.

The size of the machine is only 227 (H) x 119 (W) x 133 (D) mm. It is not bulky. It is only a little bit taller than the can of Era Cola. The front panel is square and the hard disk adopts an upright insertion method. The product can accommodate two 3.5-inch hard disk drives, each with a capacity of 8TB and a total storage capacity of 16TB

I heard that the speed of the hybrid hard drive is a little faster, but I don't always feel relieved. In the end, I was still engaged in two 2T Western Digital red disks, and the price was priceless.

Western Digital launched the “Western Digital Red Disk” for the NAS market. This series of products targets home or small-business NAS users with one to five hard disk drives. It uses a SATA interface and measures 3.5 inches.

The installation of the hard disk should be said to be fool-proof, fixed on the bracket, and then gently pushed into the bracket, and then locked, the installation of the hard disk to do so easily.

The product comes standard with an accessory package, which is usually taken into consideration by the stuff, from small screws to large screwdrivers, so that the “retrieving pin” of the system reset is not missed.

One USB type-C line is standard, responsible for data copying and access between the Temabol D2-310 and the computer, the interface is USB3.1, and has USB3.1 (10Gbps) transmission speed;

In terms of its own power supply, an independent power supply method is adopted, the work is more stable, and the storage is more reliable. The “strike” phenomenon does not occur due to the influence of current and voltage.

Tieweima D2-310 supports RAID 0/RAID 1/JBOD/BIG multi-disk array mode, which can be adjusted by the standard screwdriver.

Insert a RESET pin through a "pin" to restore the factory settings.

Connected to the power supply, and then connected to the data line, Tieweima D2-310 will enter the working state.

My NUC mini host, I3 processor is very cool. Since the big milk host came back to the factory for repairs, watching her big sister relied on it. HD Internet access, LOL can go to more than 60 frames, about 15W power consumption and energy-saving lamps. However, only a 2.5-inch hard disk is my constant pain. After installing the system, my girlfriend did not have much room to release.

Connect D2-310 to my mini host and give my girlfriend a 5 star home

When you use it for the first time, you need to format the hard disk again

Enter "Computer Management" in the "Disk Management" to initialize, and partition, and then the Tema Wei Dima D2-310 will be recognized by the computer.

I mainly used to back up important data, so I directly transferred to RAID1 security mode.

Simply test the read speed

ATTO Disk Benchmark Test

AS SSD Benchmark read and write tests, all around 150MB/S

Copy of video files, computer to D2-310 write speed 147MB/s

D2-310 to computer read speed 150MB/s

A 909MB HD video can be transmitted in 6 seconds

Next is the transfer of camera photo files

7.02GB 1415 picture computer to D2-310 took 1 minute 37 seconds, D2-310 to computer to spend 1 minute 07 seconds

Power test

When the test is running, the courier uncle sends the power meter, and then drop the power consumption.

The quality seems to be general, but the price is still relatively cheap, if not high, you can play.

Data copy power consumption is 12.21W

Standby power consumption 9.55W

In addition, the D2-310 will automatically enter the dormant state when it is not operated for a certain period of time. At this time, the measured power consumption is 8.06W.

Power consumption is 0.59W after power off. This should be the power adapter's own loss.

All right, the sun bills are almost over here, too

Accompanied by my blood ghost ghost ZL5 for many years

KM02 Machinery Master III that I just started last year III

Turn off the light effect

Use summary:

Advantages: Aluminum alloy shell value is pretty good, size is also appropriate, on the desktop does not occupy a lot of space, in the actual use of the machine's temperature control can also be acceptable in terms of noise, sitting next to the computer Can't hear the fan sound.

The practical comparison of the mode of one machine with multiple arrays can be used to adjust the situation. The user can select Raid 0 high speed mode and Raid 1 safe mode according to the importance of different data.

It is worth reminding that the data must be backed up before switching modes, otherwise the data in the hard disk will be cleared after the mode is switched, so be sure to remember.

Improvement: Use a screwdriver and a thimble for adjustment when switching the storage mode. This can prevent data loss due to misoperation. The manufacturer's starting point is good, but in fact it is not very convenient to operate and the tool is easily lost. In fact, it can be similar to the NAS. It is more reasonable to adjust the settings through the PC software.

In addition, even in the off state, the power adapter will still have a certain amount of power loss. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to unplug the plug to avoid unnecessary electricity expenses.

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