How to choose LED guardrail tube

Choosing a good product and using it correctly is extremely critical, aiming at the current introduction and description of LED in use, and giving reference to LED counterparts and consumers.

First: Use of LED guardrails and precautions. The guardrail tube is a kind of lighting product for building facades, which has played a greater role in beautifying the city. Given its special installation environment, maintenance costs are very high. Therefore, careful selection and use of guardrail tubes are required to minimize unnecessary maintenance costs and economic losses.

Guardrail Sealing: In the spot market, we can see that some of the guardrail tube's housing interface is sealed with silicone or hot melt (Note: This is not feasible, and this waterproofing can be said to be useless). Due to the large temperature difference between day and night (especially in winter), the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction of the cover of the outer cover is inconsistent with the thermal expansion and contraction coefficient of the outer cover. As a result, gaps are formed at the glued joints. Once it rains, rainwater infiltrates into the tube and causes short circuit of the LED and the circuit board is burned. Therefore, waterproofing of the interface is very important. Now many manufacturers use the outlet line to bend, and then seal with glue (such as epoxy resin) is better.

Waterproof of connector: The wire connector is the electrical connection part. Generally, the plastic connector is often used. It is easy to make the plastic aging or even deformed when it is outdoors for a long time. The waterproof apron will fail and the rainwater will infiltrate and cause short circuit of the wire. The correct method of use is to seal the outside of the joint with a high-pressure tape and seal it with electrical tape to prevent water leakage.

Lamp cover selection: good lamp is made of high quality PC material, because some manufacturers use PC material to reduce production cost is not pure, even with recycled materials do (this is absolute Unusable) causes no resistance to ultraviolet rays, causing great adverse effects on the project. Therefore, the user must require the manufacturer to use pure PC material when selecting the lamp tube, so as to ensure the quality of the outer tube.

The connection length of the lamp is limited: Since the lamp is connected to a low-voltage power supply, the voltage is 12 to 24V. Therefore, the lamp series cannot be too long, and the single-ended low-voltage output is generally the best insurance within 10 meters. When selecting the power supply, we must also pay attention to the fact that we can't just use the resistor-capacitor buck method to supply power to the LED. This will directly shorten the life of the product. To use a dedicated LED switching power supply, it is best to use a constant current source. Ensure that the LED's operating current is not affected by the outside temperature.