Door handle emergency light LED flashlight

Door handle emergency light LED flashlight LED lighting home has introduced the removable LED escape light, but the emergency lights are usually set in the remote escape channel, which can not be said to be the inconvenience of the emergency escape lights. Thoughtful designers had long thought of this and collaborated on the design of this LED creative lamp. The LED emergency flashlight was integrated into the door handle. One end was sensitively controlled and automatically turned on at night and issued an instructional light in the dark.

Quickly disassembled into an emergency LED flashlight, easy to carry in the dark to escape the days of birth, in the face of sudden disaster security incidents and power outages, LED lighting creative design is very user-friendly and safe, and won the 2011 Spark Awards Design awards.

LED street lights achieve ultra brightness/luminance; energy-saving over 70%. Special modular design for theLens (independent modules) and high luminous efficacy, high CRI, easy for maintenance.Intelligent and isolated power supply (NS semiconductor and Japan Rubycon capacitor), reliable and stable; automatically reduce current against overheating working temperature

LED Street Light

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