LED lighting field successfully introduced into 8-inch epitaxial chip scale package

NeoPacOpto announced that it has successfully developed 8-inch epitaxial chip-level LEDs package (WLCSP) technology in conjunction with its NeoPac Universal Platform and sustainable LED standard light source technology. Ultra-high-brightness LEDs (NeoPacEmitter), which will be used to fabricate its polycrystalline package and single point source, and a system-in-package LEDs illumination-level illumination engine (NeoPacLightEngine) with a patented heat dissipation mechanism. . This LED lighting engine for general lighting is scheduled to be officially introduced into mass production in the first half of 2011. The move is expected to push the company's LED lighting technology to another new level.

WLCSP (Wafer-Level-Chip-Scale-Package) refers to the process of wire bonding, phosphor coating and packaging of LED chips directly on silicon epitaxial wafers. According to the company, with the current polycrystalline optoelectronic polycrystalline package point source technology, coupled with its patented anti-heating technology, a single package can provide a standard point source that maintains lumens up to 1,000 lumens. The key point is that this is a suitable for LED lighting. Secondary optical design of point source packaging technology, and its effective service life can be up to 60,000 hours. This also means that an 8-inch silicon epitaxial package can provide a total amount of light that produces more than 500,000 lumens.

It is estimated that after two years, the same 8-inch epitaxial chip-level LED package can achieve 1 million lumens of light output. The LEDs lighting developed by this technology has the characteristics of mass production, which will help to greatly reduce the manufacturing cost. LED epitaxial wafer-level packaging technology is similar to the already mature DRAM industry, which again announces that LED lighting technology will mature.

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