Innovative technology route through chip and module light source

With the improvement of LED efficiency, the technical focus of the upstream and upstream LED industry will gradually develop towards lowering costs and improving the performance of LED devices. In the future, the upstream and downstream LED technology with LED epitaxy, chip and packaging materials as the core is still the focus of technology development. Without the support of the upstream and downstream LED core technology, China's LED lighting industry will certainly stage the story of "wolf and sheep" in the international competition, but without the foundation of the upstream and downstream LED core industry, it is difficult to exchange the core only by channels and markets. technology. The two models of LED industry development in Taiwan are worthy of domestic reference. First, upstream and downstream enterprises cooperate to achieve vertical integration. Second, cross-industry integration and development, such as LCD giants Chi Mei, AUO, Hon Hai and other integrated industries. The cut-in of the TSMC.

The trend in the development of LED core technology is that both luminous efficiency and device cost are reduced. In the future, with the advancement of epitaxial chip technology, its cost ratio will rapidly decline. The discrete chip back-end process and traditional packaging process will become cost bottlenecks. When the efficiency of the LED device is greater than 150 lm/W, the problem of heat dissipation of the large-sized LED chip and package will be gradually reduced, and the conventional LED package will face cost and structural problems. The requirements of general lighting for LED light source design and multi-function use make the demand for module light source and system function light source increase rapidly. The current epitaxial chip technology cannot fundamentally change the process cost of the LED chip back end. The next step should be to develop an innovative LED back-end technology, or a packaging technology controlled by an upstream chip process to integrate the LED chip with the in-system packaging process.

The development model of the LED industry will be similar to the development model of the VLSI industry. In the semiconductor industry, the revolutionary packaging technology revolution is driven by chip technology. The core technology of the middle and upper reaches gradually covers and bypasses the traditional packaging technology, which can creatively reduce the packaging process and cost. After the integration of LED technology and Si integrated circuit technology, the industry will have the development of cross-technical routes, which is an opportunity for us to create autonomous core technology routes. The combination of ultra-large-scale integrated circuit technology, wafer-level packaging technology, in-system packaging technology and LED chip technology will reduce the traditional single LED chip packaging process and cost, and realize chip-level light source.

LED chip light source technology and module light source technology are first proposed in China, with a complete technical system development route, can integrate IC, MEMS, lighting design and other technologies according to future LED lighting requirements, develop and provide multi-functional, multi-variety light source Products, can creatively provide a "product technology platform" to change the passive situation of China's LED technology currently following international traditional LED technology. By introducing Si integrated circuits and other semiconductor technologies, it is possible to create a new LED technology route that bypasses the patent barriers of current conventional LED chips and packaging processes. LED chip and module light source technology can give play to the advantages of China's market control and downstream enterprise development technology, enabling downstream lighting application companies to participate in the development of upstream and downstream LED core technologies. It is recommended that the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” consider the above aspects, combined with the enterprises and markets of semiconductor lighting, combined with the status quo of China, to plan a strategic route for semiconductor lighting with Chinese characteristics. (From "Semiconductor Lighting" magazine, 2010, Issue 4, edited by maysoong)

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